Tuesday, July 06, 2021

FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart

 FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart Craig Murray

LEAKED LEAK-PREVENTION: Apple Is Making Employees Wear Body Cams To Avoid Leaks.

NY Times: Trump Organization Is Charged With Running 15-Year Employee Tax Scheme

The Rise of China’s State Surveillance MachineryLiterary Hub

I SUSPECT THAT CHINA IS QUIETLY PROMOTING THE WEST’S SELF-HATRED AND SELF-FLAGELLATION:  Xi Jinping has projected himself as the ‘Strong Horse’ and painted China as an attractive future in contrast to Joe Biden and the self-hating West which cannot even find something good to say about itself.

As I’ve said, the kind of history being promoted by the 1619 Project and the “antiracism” movement generally is the kind of history that a conqueror would impose upon a conquered population in order to break its will.

China-US relations: Washington and Beijing set out competing visions of international cooperation at G20 meeting South China Morning Post

Soviet Venus Images

How Jeff Bezos' wide-ranging ambitions for Amazon, a fear of stasis, and an absence of empathy factor in...

Biden’s $118million cabinet: Net worth of secretaries revealed – with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and AG Merrick Garland at $20million down to Pete Buttigieg with $750,000 Daily Mail

The Verge – [instructions cover both iPhone and Android] “No strategy is 100 percent effective, but you can stop much of it. Spam texts can be incredibly irritating — you get a notification and stop what you’re doing to check your phone, only to find somebody is trying to sell you something you don’t want. How can you prevent it? Unfortunately, there are no absolutes in preventing text spam. But there are some ways you can at least minimize the number of spam texts that get through. Here are some strategies to try…”

The Internet Is Rotting. What To Do?

Links work seamlessly until they don’t. And as tangible counterparts to online work fade, these gaps represent actual holes in humanity’s knowledge. – The Atlantic

Donald Trump spying allegations: more likely useful idiot than Putin’s agent


Preliminary Comments on the Trump Organization and CFO Indictment 

The much-anticipated indictment of the Trump Corporation and components and its Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”), Allen Weisselberg, has been released.  The caption is The People of New York v. The Trump Corporation, et. al. (N.Y. Supreme Court - no number available).  The indictment is here.  (The pdf copies on the web were not adequately OCR’d; I had this copy OCR’d using Adobe Acrobat text recognition; the OCRing came out much better than the copies I found in my quick searches.)

Here are my first general comments (which I may supplement or revise later):

 The general thrust of the indictment had been reported before the indictment came out.  Basically, through various schemes, certain individuals (including, for purposes of this indictment, the CFO) caused the corporation to underreport and underpay tax liabilities.  Essentially, these individuals caused the corporation to pay compensation that did not appear on the books and filings as corporation subject to various tax obligations – including reporting income of the individuals benefiting from the payments, avoiding payroll tax to the payors and payees, etc.