Saturday, July 17, 2021

Why Media Mogul Barry Diller Thinks The Movie Business Is Dead

Pantsdrunk — the culture that is Finnish.

Back in Czechoslovakia on our first day at the university, we all got invited to a party.

The Communist Party.


A JOKE that my dad was fond of went like this: Why did Stalin wear thigh boots while Lenin's were much shorter? Because in Lenin's time Russia was in the shit only up to its ankles.

How Tencents sweeping new facial scans will catch Chinese kids playing past curfew

Alex Millmow’s The Gypsy Economist: The Life and Times of Colin Clark covers the now-neglected Australian pioneer of development economics and relative historical optimist.

There is also Kathleen Stock, Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism, controversial.

Why Media Mogul Barry Diller Thinks The Movie Business Is Dead : NPR.

"These streaming services have been making something that they call 'movies,' " he said. "They ain't movies. They are some weird algorithmic process that has created things that last 100 minutes or so."

  1. “There’d be much less pessimistic skepticism about the future of analytic philosophy if people were more familiar with some of the reasons to reject [the ‘grand march to Kripke’] narrative” — Preston Stovall (University of Hradec Králové) defends analytic philosophy
  2. “College vaccination requirements decidedly do not violate the core principles of medical ethics” — Nathan Nobis (Morehouse) responds to critics of the requirements
  3. “Clear writing… is aggressive and sadistic—not in its content but in the domination it attempts” — Simon Evnine (Miami) on clarity
  4. “The world’s foremost consequentialist signed. The world’s foremost deontologist signed. Two of the most prominent bioethicists in the world signed…” Not good enough? — on the effort to hold human challenge trials in the U.S., and other aspects of COVID-19 response
  5. Philosophy has “a tradition that you cut other people down… I sometimes hear our female students say, ‘I can’t really be a philosopher because that’s not what I feel like doing’” — “I say to them, ‘There are many different ways of doing philosophy'” — Martha Nussbaum (Chicago)
  6. Getting students to do the readings — at The Philosophers’ Cocoon, with helpful suggestions in the comments
  7. “A young man smoking a pipe cannot do so without looking like a pompous dick… and Classics finds itself in a similar quandary” — actor Stephen Fry on breaking the cycle of elitism and showing the value of the classics to today’s youth (via The Browser)