Thursday, July 22, 2021

People: A Haunting New Documentary About Anthony Bourdain

If MEdia Dragon lives for one more year, we will have over 2 million hits as COVID is bringing many strangers and unrelated readers . .. That's kind of mind  blowing.

A study finds that we don’t just see faces in objects, we also assign emotions to them.

The Big Law Cartel: How Antitrust Lawyers Help Their Clients Break the Law Matt Stoller, BIG. Well worth a read. On “document hygeine”:

A Haunting New Documentary About Anthony Bourdain

“If you’re blind to the way circumstance shapes someone’s behavior, it’s going to be hard to really appreciate how the world looks to them” — Robert Wright on Lee Ross, the fundamental attribution error, and cognitive empathy

Looking for some philosophy to listen to? — a list of nearly 100 different philosophy podcasts
“The work of a professional philosopher in Ghana is significantly constrained” — Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ani (University of Ghana) on what it’s like to be a philosopher in his country