Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Bastille Day - LinkedIn Data Leak Leaves 700 Million Users Exposed

Savva was born in the village of Choli, Cyprus. Her father Andreas emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1951 and she followed with her mother Elpiniki and brother Steven several years later. She grew up in Doveton, an outer suburb of Melbourne. She attended Doveton Primary and Doveton High School where she was a prefect.

Niki Savva joins The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

SBS On Demand: French Connections Film Collection

FASTER, PLEASE:  Nanofiber membrane makes seawater drinkable in minutes

NAMASTE, Y’ALL:  Yoga a possible solution for work-related stress, analysis finds. I’ve been doing yoga for a bit over a year. I enjoy it, and it helps stretch away my computer pains while clearing my mind. 

Here you can see me at work. Next step is turning this Crow pose into Crane (where the arms are straight instead of bent). So far I have managed not to face-plant. So far. The pebble is to look at, to be sure my gaze stays forward.

Apple Says It's Time to Digitize Your ID, Ready or Not (RISKS-32.72)

“Steven Klein” <>
Mon, 28 Jun 2021 02:00:38 -0400

Gabe Goldberg raises the concern that:

“If your driver's license is on your phone, you could potentially have to present your fully unlocked device to a law enforcement agent in a transaction like a traffic stop or at airport security.”

Fortunately, that's not how Apple wallet works.

On my iPhone XS, when I double-tap the side button, it displays the cards in my digital wallet, but does not unlock my phone.

That cop or TSA agent would be able to view all the cards in my wallet, but not anything else in my phone.

New LinkedIn Data Leak Leaves 700 Million Users Exposed

Restore Privacy – Data from 700 million LinkedIn users has been put up for sale online, making this one of the largest LinkedIn data leaks to date. After analyzing the data and making contact with the seller, we have updated this article with more information, including how the data was obtained and the possible impact on LinkedIn users. LinkedIn has confirmed via email to RestorePrivacy that the data was obtained from their servers, as well as from other sources. Many people trust LinkedIn with all sorts of private data, hoping and trusting that the information remains in safe hands. But is this trust warranted? So far in 2021, we have already seen two separate incidents where bad actors have exploited the professional networking platform to harvest vast amounts of user data. The implications of this are far-ranging, from identity theft to phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, and more….What happened exactly? On June 22 2021, a user of a popular hacker forum advertised data from 700 Million LinkedIn users for sale. The user of the forum posted a sampleof the data that includes 1 million LinkedIn users. We examined the sample and found it to contain the following information:

  • Email Addresses
  • Full names
  • Phone numbers
  • Physical addresses
  • Geolocation records
  • LinkedIn username and profile URL
  • Personal and professional experience/background
  • Genders
  • Other social media accounts and usernames…”