Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Science Of Spotting A Liar and Salty Hair

 Voltaire and Europe’s most famous prisoner

The Science Of Spotting A Liar

Hayne gets last laugh as “Your Future Your Super” laws deliver for small punters over big bank pals

by Harry Chemay

Kenneth Hayne and Josh Frydenberg

The new "Your Future, Your Super" legislation avoided the most egregious of changes proposed by the LNP Government. YFYS will simplify and streamline the $3 trillion super system, fix "zombie accounts" and spark fund takeovers, writes Harry Chemay. The changes go some way to addressing a key question posed during the Hayne Royal Commission: "what do trustees do in the dark with our super?"
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Jobactive fails jobless while privatised job agencies revel in a record pandemic profit boom

by Stephanie Tran

Job active illustration

Large job agencies who dominate Australia's privatised employment system are enjoying a boom of record profits, and even a takeover spree, while their disillusioned job seekers complain of churning and profiteering. Meanwhile, those in government on both sides of the political aisle are calling for reform. In this special investigation, Stephanie Tran reports on the failure of Jobactive.
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Charities sponsoring death

by Michael West

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Coalition protects wealthy retirees’ investments under cover of Covid-19 pandemic

by Elizabeth Minter

superannuation draw down extension

The Coalition moved to protect the superannuation of Australia's wealthiest retirees at the same time it was encouraging the nation's poorest to raid their retirement accounts. And they continue to protect the wealthiest even though the Australian share market is back at record highs. Elizabeth Minter reports.
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Who to believe on Bondi Cluster: Limousine Man or NSW Government?

by Callum Foote

Covid19, Bondi cluster, vaccination

Data published, and quickly updated, by the NSW Department of Health reveals there may have been locally acquired cases in NSW on June 13, four days before “Limousine Man” was recorded as being the Bondi Cluster's "Patient Zero". Callum Foote investigates the mess that is Covid data.
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