Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Backstories: “The Chosen”

Simon (or Peter, as we know he’ll become – played by Shahar Isaac) tells Jesus that the calling of the tax collector Matthew (Paras Patel) is bad idea. Jesus replies: “You thought it was wrong when I called you!” Simon says: “This is different.” Jesus says: “Get used to different,” which is a good guide for watching the series.

Saturday’s good reading and listening for the weekend

What people in other forums are saying about public policy...

Why Men Should Celebrate Divorce

Like marriage, it's a milestone, and the end of an often arduous process. There is no shame in celebrating that.

       Arabic literature in translation 

       At the Middle East Eye AJ Naddaff reports on the recent Bila Hudood literary festival, in From Babel to Berlin: How Arabic literature can unite the world, reporting that:

The three-day festival was packed with raw conversations on writing from an array of experts, leaving this writer at least feeling invigorated and hopeful for the future of Arabic literature in translation.

       Sylvia Plath 

       At the BBC Lillian Crawford considers, at considerable length, Sylvia Plath: Will the poet always be defined by her death ? 
       She focuses on the biographical works about Plath -- but recall that Connie Palmen's Plath-novel Your Story, My Storyalso came out in English this year. 

World-renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli has shared a beautiful version of the 1940s song “Mamma,” in honor of his own mother and a brave decision she made six decades ago.

Andrea Bocelli Shares Tribute Song to Mother Who Refused Doctors’ Advice to Abort Him

Now Instagram can translate Stories text into over 90 languages

The next wave of Facebook Bulletin writers.

Welcome to the latest set of Bulletin writers and publications! Beginning today, you’ll find their content on the platform:

  • Adriana Trigiani, Adriana Spills the Ink: A creative life is a better life.

  • Alexandra Elle, Gratitude Weekly: A weekly newsletter encouraging us to pay attention to—and reflect on—the micro-moments of life, loss, community, and joy.

  • Alina Cho, Cho & Tell: Emmy Award winning TV Journalist, Producer of the upcoming Netflix documentary on Martha Stewart and Host of The Atelier with Alina Cho at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • Amy Haimerl, Bar/Heart: One truck driver's daughter and her pitbull go in search of what brings us together. Come for the stories; stay for the cocktail recipes, book reccos & cute critter pics.

  • Andrew Revkin, Sustain What: "Sustainability" is meaningless without asking, sustain what? For whom? How? Join Andy Revkin’s journalistic quest for paths to a better human relationship with the planet and each other.

  • Antonio Mora, A View from the Center: Centrist, common-sense commentary by award-winning journalist Antonio Mora on the US political/media divide, American foreign policy, Latin America, popular culture, and sports.

  • Bruce Feiler, The Nonlinear Life: A Newsletter About Navigating Life's Twists and Turns We're All Going Through Transitions • Let's Navigate Them Together Daily Motivation M-W-F.

  • Cari Champion, I SAID WHAT I SAID w/CARI CHAMPION: I SAID WHAT I SAID w/CARI CHAMPION debunks harmful narratives, as Cari unpacks provocative stories in sports, culture & politics through stylized writing and a quirky sense of humor.

  • David Kerley, Full Throttle: We are launching into a dramatically new way to get from here to there. Electric cars-driving themselves. Private Astronauts. Supersonic jets. Behind the headlines of the Transportation Transformation.

  • Dina Litovsky, In the Flash: Adventures in the unseen world of photography.

  • Eric Cervini, Queer History 101: Queer History 101 is the world’s first year-long queer history class, made freely available to the world, which explores how queer folks have survived and thrived throughout the millennia.

  • Greg Mania, (SOS) Save Our Serotonin: A weekly newsletter about life, literature, & Lexapro.

  • Ian Bremmer, GZERO World with Ian Bremmer: Making sense of global affairs in a leaderless (G-Zero) world with whatever Ian decides is funny, honest, and fair analysis. (P.S. – don’t panic)

  • Jeremy Faust, Inside Medicine: We go beyond health headlines to find out what really matters.

  • Jiquanda Johnson, Black Like Us: Black Like Us takes a close look at Black America by showing the diversity within the community through thought-provoking commentary and stories from a variety of Black perspectives.

  • Joanne Gerstner, Open Court: The Open Court is special: a place to make plays and take the advantage. And here, explore the people, events, issues of sports and other parts of life. Let's talk. Think. Let's go to our Open Court.

  • Kerri-Lee Mayland, The Refresh: Get the REFRESHing stories behind the design. Delivered weekly, with style.

  • Malala Yousafzai, Podium: Gen Z feminist Malala Yousafzai shares her perspective on big debates and small moments — from discussions on complex issues to personal stories, cultural commentary and interviews.

  • Mari Andrew, Out of the Blue: A weekly compilation of the bright, dark, deep, shallow, sweet, and bitter things Mari Andrew is paying attention to.

  • Maria Celeste, Así lo Veo: En su boletín, María Celeste compartirá con ustedes temas y opiniones que seguro darán mucho de que hablar. ¡Qué su perspectiva sea sólo el inicio de la conversación y el diálogo!

  • Mike Murphy & Robert Gibbs, Hacks on Tap Newsletter: Incisive, sometimes uproarious and always entertaining, Mike Murphy and Robert Gibbs give you insights you'll only get from folks who have spent a lifetime in the political trenches of both parties.

  • Nedra Tawwab, Nedra Nuggets: As a therapist and boundaries expert, Nedra covers various subjects on creating healthy relationships and mental health.

  • Nicole Lapin, The Money Minute: The Money Minute teaches you how to become more financially literate and savvy. It is designed to apply to everyone looking to get their financial lives together and get it all...once and for all.

  • Paul Lukas, Uni Watch: The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics. That means uniforms, logos, and anything else involving the visual culture of sports. New content weekly-ish.

  • Paul Nicklen, Born Wild: Go behind the lens of celebrated National Geographic photographer and SeaLegacy co-founder Paul Nicklen as he shares the stories from his most extraordinary encounters in the wild.

  • R. Eric Thomas, Previously On: On pop culture obsessions and instant nostalgia. We go funny, chatty, and long on the movies, music, and TV we can't stop thinking about. Or... call it National Treasure: Book of Monoculture.

  • Rhonda Ross, The Force Within: Though the winds of life can bring the unexpected, singer-songwriter and Emmy-nominated actress, Rhonda Ross, explores how The Force Within can guide, protect, and fill us with Personal Power.

  • Roger Bennett, Courage: Football, Culture, and Life. Written from the perspective that sports allows for a sense of meaning, global connection, and the act of actively making memories while you can.

  • Sloane Stephens, Sloane Stephens: A place for Sloane Stephens to show up, make space, extend resources, and share joy, while encouraging you all to do the same. Because what's good for Black Women is good for the world.

  • Stefano Fusaro, Star Spangled Soccer: Tracking, interviewing & discussing the biggest names & stories in American soccer, including players competing in some of the best leagues in the world. One-stop shop for US Soccer content.

  • Trey Wingo, Random Thoughts and Observations: Life is an unpredictable journey filled with highs and lows and lots of in-betweens. Let's celebrate all of it. As Dudley Moore said in the movie Arthur: "Isn't fun the best thing to have?"