Saturday, July 17, 2021

MEdia Dragon: Why Is Jerry Seinfeld One of the Most Successful Stand-Up Comedians of All Time?

In the beginning was the Yawning Void in which was neither heat nor cold, light nor darkness, until a spark arose and kindled, feeding on itself, i...

 Forever Climbing the Rainbow

Forever climbing the rainbow —

A modern-day quest for a grail —

Determined and breathless I climb,

Struggling to no avail.

Forever climbing the rainbow

Blood-red roses pierce the heart.

Oh the heart is pierced merrily,

At least at the start.

Forever climbing the rainbow,

A spray of orange juice from a bite.

Feel the firm round fruits

Fragrant all through the night.

Forever climbing the rainbow

Bright the sun doth shine

On you and your unknowable s

Upon me and mine.

Forever climbing the rainbow,

Green as the aurora borealis,

The queen turned green with envy.

And the poet turned back from his chalice.

Forever climbing the rainbow —

Mist and blossoms bluer than sky,

Beauty so poignant it seems sad

and tears well up in one's eye.

Forever climbing the rainbow,

Violet as a majestic goodbye

Hands slide to fingertips.

And a short affair goes by.

— Jennifer Knox

Although Horovitz is often associated with the Beat Generation of the 50s and 60s, his influence extended far beyond the countercultural scene. During the Poetry Olympics, a series of poetry and music performances that he founded in 1980, he encouraged budding poets to perform alongside established ones such as Roger McGough and John Cooper Clarke.

Human nature …

“I want what she’s having.” London lauds a new book on the nature of our wanting.

Burgis is open about his key ideas coming from [René] Girard, but he fleshes them out witty stories, personal anecdotes and research that bring them alive. His prose is punchy. His anecdotes are entertaining. There are even witty cartoons

Why Is Jerry Seinfeld One of the Most Successful Stand-Up Comedians of All Time? 

Young comics who think they’re going to be like Seinfeld don’t realize the years he’s put into it. He’s like the virtuoso cellist Pablo Casals—he doesn’t stop practicing, he doesn’t stop trying new things. You need to be an outsider to do comedy well, and you have to recognize what it is that you’re outside of. Audiences identify with outsider comedians the most.