Thursday, July 15, 2021

Bringing UK Tax Administrability to the Centre Stage - for Those Who Do Not Yet Know the Show Must Go On Commentator: Jennie Granger


Thursday, July 15

Session 1: Building a Critical Tax Movement - Insights from Elsewhere

Keynote: Critical Tax Theory: Insights and Opportunities

Session 2: Tax Administration

  • Chair: Kathryn James (Monash; Google Scholar)
  • Joshua Blank (UC-Irvine; Google Scholar) & Ari Glogower (Ohio State; Google Scholar), Progressive Tax Procedure, 96 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 668 (2021)
    Commentator: Richard Eccleston (Tasmania; Google Scholar)
  • Shayak Sarkar (UC-Davis), Tax Law's Migration, 63 BC L. Rev. ___ (2021)
    Commentator: Leo Martinez (UC-Hastings)
  • Stefanie Geringer (Vienna), The CJEU, the EU Blacklist and the Member States’ National Tax Laws: Shedding Light on the EU’s Uncoordinated Approach to Tax Abuse and Avoidance in Third Countries
    Commentator: Rick Krever (Western Australia; Google Scholar

Session 3: COVID Responses & Tax Administration

Session 4: Taxation & Environment

Friday, July 16

Session 5: Taxation & Distribution 

  • Chair: Patrick Emerton (Monash)
  • Miranda Stewart (Melbourne) & Daniel Halliday (Melbourne; Google Scholar), Wealth Taxation
    Commentator: David Duff (UBC; Google Scholar)
  • Sonali Walpola (ANU), Discretionary Trusts and Tax Avoidance
    Commentator: David Frydrych (Monash) & Dale Bocabella (UNSW; Google Scholar)
  • Duncan Wallace (Monash; Google Scholar), Franking Credits are Based on Systematically and Formalistically Piercing the Corporate Veil
    Commentator: Brett Freudenberg (Griffith; Google Scholar)
  • Troy Henderson (Sydney; Google Scholar) & Elise Klein (ANU; Google Scholar), Basic Income, Equity and Efficiency: Evaluating Three Options for Tax and Transfer Policy
    Reform in Australia
    Commentator: John Quiggin (Queensland; Google Scholar
  • Binh Tran-Nam (UNSW; Google Scholar) & Michael Walpole (UNSW; Google Scholar), Tax Justice in Australia in the Post-Pandemic Environment 
    Commentator: Patrick Emerton (Monash)

Session 6: Building a Critical Tax Movement – Insights & Trends from Australia 

Keynote: Optimal Tax Design: Choice of Tax Base & Rate Structure 

  • Patricia Apps (Sydney), Optimal Tax Design: Choice of Tax Base and Rate Structure
    Commentator: Richard Vann (Sydney)

Session 7: Taxation & Women

  • Chair:  Miranda Stewart (Melbourne)
  • Amanda Selvarajah (Monash) & Lydia Shalani Cecil Thiagarajah (EY), Childcare Tax Deduction: A Gender Just Response
    Commentator: Kerrie Sadiq (QUT; Google Scholar) (comment)
  • Kathryn James (Monash; Google Scholar), Removal of the Tampon Tax: A Costless or Pyrrhic Victory?
    Commentator: Kate Seear (Australian Research Council; Google Scholar)
  • Helen Hodgson (Curtin; Google Scholar) & Myra Hamilton (Sydney), Retirement Outcomes for Single Women Without Children
    Commentator: Sara Charlesworth (RMIT; Google Scholar)
  • Asa Gunnarsson (Umea), Gender Equality and Taxation – International Perspectives
    Commentator: Miranda Stewart (Melbourne)