Thursday, July 29, 2021

What Do Philosophers Think About Human Extinction?


    We Need Literature To Tell Untold Stories. But When Is It Appropriation?

    How can writers tell and translate stories about marginalized groups without exploitation or appropriation? - Metropolitan (Japan)

    Bourdain Voice Deepfake Reminds Us Documentaries Aren’t Real Reporting

    The deluge of nonfiction filmmaking and its seemingly endless permutations has rendered the term "documentary" almost meaningless. - Washington Post

    Pandemics, like wars, change us. We live in an age of total surveillance. 

    Lockdown has certainly saved lives but it has also stripped us of freedoms and history reminds us those freedoms may never fully return.

    What Do Philosophers Think About Human Extinction?

    It’s a near certainty that humanity will come to an end, but what form this end might take, and when it might happen, are of course unknown. What should we think about the end of humanity and its various variables? What do we think? (more…)


      It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice - Most of my bosses even under communism were nice human beings Behavioural economic

      Scott Morrison-No compassion, and no marketing skill either?

      When Scott Morrison became prime minister, two dimensions of his persona seemed potentially positive: a Christian faith that might have illuminated his leadership with kindness and compassion, to say nothing of integrity, and a widely-touted marketing background (‘Scotty 

      from Marketing’) that might have lifted the standard of political communication and inspired some brilliance in government...

      JPMorgan grants Jamie Dimon ‘special’ stock award to stay at bank FT


      Companies claim there’s a labor shortage. Their solution? Prisoners Guardian


      Shoplifting Is Big News; Stealing Millions From Workers Is Not Fair


      The Billionaires Did It. They Made Spaceflight Uncool. Defector


      Bezos Blasts Off & Gets Blasted Consortium News


      One of the First Things Bezos Says After Returning From Space: Humanity Should Pollute It Common Dreams


      NPR’s Brilliant Self-Own TK News. Matt Taibbi.

      Argument and Argumentation, by Catarina Dutilh Novaes.

      History of Western Philosophy of Music: since 1800, by Matteo Ravasio.

      History of Western Philosophy of Music: Antiquity to 1800, by Matteo Ravasio.


  1. Aristotle’s Biology, by James Lennox.
  2. Informal Logic, by Leo Groarke.
  3. Incommensurable Values, by Nien-hê Hsieh and Henrik Andersson.
  4. Marriage and Domestic Partnership, by Elizabeth Brake.
  5. Newton’s Philosophy, by Andrew Janiak.
  6. Giambattista della Porta, by Sergius Kodera.
  7. Robert Kilwardby, by José Filipe Silva.
  8. Epistemology of Geometry, by Jeremy Gray and José Ferreirós.
  9. Doing vs. Allowing Harm, by Fiona Woollard and Frances Howard-Snyder.
  10. Democracy, by Tom Christiano and Sameer Bajaj.


  1. Meaning and Communication, by Antonio Scarafone (University of Reading), Emma Borg (Reading), and Marat Shardimgaliev (Reading). 

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1000-Word Philosophy       

  1. “Nasty, Brutish, and Short”: Thomas Hobbes on Life in the State of Nature, by Daniel Weltman (Ashoka University).

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