Thursday, July 08, 2021

The Ultrawealthy Have Hijacked Roth IRAs. The Senate Finance Chair Is Eyeing a Crackdown

 Neoliberalism’s Bailout Problem Boston Review

Leandra Lederman (Indiana; Google Scholar), The Fraud Triangle and Tax Evasion, 106 Iowa L. Rev. 1153 (2021):

The “fraud triangle”—a theory of why people commit fraud—is the preeminent framework for analyzing fraud in the accounting literature. It developed out of studies of fraudsters, including inmates convicted of embezzlement. The three components of the fraud triangle are (1) an incentive or pressure (usually financial), (2) opportunity, and (3) rationalization.

There is a separate, extensive legal literature on tax compliance and evasion. The fraud triangle is largely absent from this legal literature, although tax evasion is a type of fraud. This Article rectifies that oversight, analyzing how using the fraud triangle as a lens can inform the legal literature on tax compliance. In addition, the Article argues that the fraud triangle can provide a conceptual frame that provides a place for two distinct types of tax compliance theories discussed in the legal literature: the traditional deterrence model and certain behavioral theories.

The Business Scholarship Podcast interviewed Leandra about her article here.

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The Ultrawealthy Have Hijacked Roth IRAs. The Senate Finance Chair Is Eyeing a Crackdown.ProPublica

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Klaatu barada nikto

Aliens in the age of anxiety

But what are we actually looking for? Fellowship in what the 17th-century French mathematician Blaise Pascal called “the eternal silence of these infinite spaces”? We may not find it; there is no reason to think that aliens would be anything like us. Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, suspects that organically based intelligence may be a “brief interlude before the machines take over”. So, on a planet orbiting a star much older than our own, we may only find non-biological entities. Or we may not find them there at all; they may have emigrated to space to escape the kind of planetary crises we are now confronting. Rees argues that we would be staggeringly lucky to “catch intelligence” in the brief moment in which it was embodied in flesh and blood.