Saturday, July 17, 2021

The NSW ‘lockdown’ that isn’t while putting business before people.

 Workplace bullying - what to do about it?

Poor understanding of mental health stifles employment

Career Paths In Theatre Are Messed Up

"Am I, at age 35, five years into my job, just part of the next generation who will stay in their cool theater jobs too long?" - San Francisco Chronicle

Even As Restrictions Are Lifting, COVID Is Still Shutting Down West End Shows

Boris Johnson has insisted that capacity limits and other pandemic measures will end in England on July 19. Nevertheless, as the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus surges, theatres are going dark when a company member tests positive and colleagues have to quarantine. - The New York Times

The NSW ‘lockdown’ that isn’t while putting business before people.

A ‘lockdown’ strategy that does not involve lockdown, a vaccine distribution policy that is dangerously inconsistent and covid testing facilities that cannot meet the demand generated by public health orders, are but some of the problems responsible for the continuing explosion of COVID-19 cases in Sydney... 

The Italians Who Dangle From Ropes To Repair Historic Sites

"EdiliziAcrobatica's team has rock-climbed up and abseiled down some of Italy's most significant historic monuments. … Suspended from ropes, the acrobatic technicians can perform a whole range of tasks, from the waterproofing of roofing to welding." - Apollo