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What if we have to work until we’re 100?

What if we have to work until we’re 100? BBC


The secondment to the minister's office is a coveted career move for many public servants. But what about the politics? Victoria Draudins spoke with staffers and researchers to find out how different types of experts fare.
Who are the staffers shaping our political landscape?
The ministerial office is one of the last largely inscrutable parts of our democracy. Where do these staffers come from, and what makes them qualified? A researcher is only now building a picture.

Why become a ministerial staffer
Working in a minister’s office can be a great boon for a public servant’s career. They depart with the department’s blessings and their profile is instantly raised upon returning.

Bureaucrat in the MO: in some cases return to portfolio 'not possible'
Still many concerns about lax rules for ministerial staffer appointments
Mind the rise — and ever rise — of ministerial advisers
'Advisers are here to stay, so you’ve got to make it work'

How waitressing, lifeguarding and debt collecting prepared us for journalism


Exclusive at AFR PM's top public servant Martin Parkinson ends 'mandarin model'

Martin Parkinson wants PM&C to be liked, not feared. 'That's our ambition' | - Financial Review

The data social scientists have generated indicate that transitions to democracy often fail: Some countries lose their democracy, and those that do only get it back in rare and very specific circumstances. France became democratic again after the defeat of the Vichy government and Nazi Germany. Hungary and Poland were supposed to be shining examples of transitions to democracy. Those countries may yet live up to democratic ideals that as EU members they ostensibly share with other democracies, but because of what Orban and Kaczynski have done, the path to that goal will be long and hard. As for Turkey, no doubt the military will outlast Erdogan, but it is unclear if it will outlast Erdoganism Strongmen die, but authoritarianism is forever

Business is dominated by plans and analysis. But people are not moved by logic alone. According to the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, behind every apparently sensible scientist is a child who was irrationally drawn to fire. Reason, when animated by the fire of emotion, has the power to motivate and move individuals more than facts alone ever could. An inspired group is likely to achieve much more than one merely doing its job.
Amazing Circle of Innovation 

Wall Street Journal, Don’t Just Dive Into Action: Stop to Think First, by Bradley Staats (North Carolina Business School; author, Never Stop Learning: Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself and Thrive (Harvard Business Review Press (2018)):
As we’ve seen in recent weeks, some of the most dramatic moments of the World Cup are the penalty kicks, when the outcome of an entire match can rest on a showdown between the shooter and the goalie. In a penalty kick, the ball is placed 11 meters from the goal line and centered on the goal. The goalie must stay on the line but may move left or right before the ball is kicked.

Eight simple* rules for making stuff with government
Three Victorian government agencies opened their doors for Women in Tech over six months. The participants distilled what they learned and identified eight success factors for supporting innovation in government.

As multinationals gear up to fight ATO, it turns focus on abuse of IP

Paul Pisasale now living reclusive life in city he spent so long spruiking

Bell tolls to farewell Ipswich's town crier | Queensland Times

Victoria Police charged with bullying
"Victoria Police has been charged with several bullying-related offences in an unprecedented step by WorkSafe." (The Age)

Data After Revamp: Sex, Beer, and Coding


They do not come with furred caps
Smelling of maresmilk, scimitared,
Dour, as tellable as kites.

They live quietly next door,
Speak almost the same language,
Wear almost the same clothes.

Inside the walls. But
Do not think they lack
Precisely the same intentions.

John Fowles, 1973
from Poems, John Fowles

One learning from the Russia hacking indictments: The leaks may have been timed to sow discord at the DNC.

Authoritarian regimes are becoming more oppressive, and the world is seeing a rise of strongmenleaders in countries where it was thought democracy was taking hold.

Greenberg, Mark and Litman, Harry, Trump’s Corrupt Use of the Pardon Power (June 25, 2018). LAWFARE (JUNE 19, 2018); UCLA School of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 18-25. Available at SSRN:

  Sex, Beer, and Coding: Inside Facebook’s Wild Early Days Wired

Via POGO Informs Treasury – Federal Spending Site Still Lacks Data After Revamp BGOV: “…A recently revamped federal website designed to make contract spending information publicly accessible is plagued with major data gaps, a watchdog group reports. A new version of the Treasury Department-run, officially launched March 2, was designed to remedy missing or faulty information on federal contract awards and executive compensation. The site was re-launched under the DATA Act, the law passed in 2014 to make federal expenditures more transparent. Yet eight of the 97 agencies the website tracks are late in reporting DATA Act spending information—including the Defense Department, which is almost a year behind in its submissions, according to a June 28 letter from the Project on Government Oversight, a Washington-based nonpartisan, independent government watchdog. Other government programs have submitted very few spending records or none, according to the group…”See POGO: “As advocates for government openness, the Project On Government Oversight fully supports the work of the Treasury Department (Treasury), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and other federal agencies in updating and providing the public with robust access to federal spending data

How do kleptocrats spend the money? FCPA Blog

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