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The Stories Behind 7 Drinks Named After Real People

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Ranking The Best Rock Bands of the 1970’s

The Stories Behind 7 Drinks Named After Real and Rich People

This Flight Attendant Wrote A Hair-Raising Novel By Jotting It On Cocktail Napkins

Author T.J. Newman: “I said [to a pilot friend], ‘What would you do if your family was kidnapped and you were told that if you didn’t crash the plane, they’d be killed?’ I knew by the look on his face that I’d struck a nerve. He was terrified. He didn’t have an answer. And I knew I had a story.” – The New York Times

The Stories Behind 7 Drinks Named After Real People

Knowledge, truth, justice — why do we spend so much time arguing over grand abstractions? The answer is rooted in pragmatism    wisdom  

Neiman Lab: “…At the Times, using slides and cards on social became more of a priority around the beginning of the pandemic last year. The audience team wanted to have a more “visual presence” on Times platforms and wanted to make more use of the maps and data visualizations that lived on the website. “It all came from wanting to be more visual,” [deputy off-platform editor Jake Grovum said]. “We made it part of our daily routine to have these visual presences for whatever news or whatever story we’re trying to share.” Single cards work better on Facebook and Twitter because those apps don’t have a carousel feature (you know, where you swipe left to see more images in a single post) the way Instagram does. Grovum said he’s found that Facebook and Twitter lend themselves well to text-heavy cards and that users are actually taking the time to read and share them. The cards have been particularly useful to the Times in debunking misinformation, though Grovum said a broader challenge is designing cards in ways that are still helpful even if they’re screenshotted and stripped of context…”

In the first of our “Get To Know Our Teachers” series, we interview the multi-talented Parvyn. An accomplished singer and dancer, Parvyn has a thriving career in multiple projects including fronting the cult band The Bombay Royale. She’s also mother to one year old Ravi. We speak with Parvyn about motherhood, juggling family and career, and her plans for teaching  next year