Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Dana Fleming: New Deputy Electoral Commissioner Appointed

 Respected corporate leader and distinguished public servant Dana Fleming has been appointed as the new Deputy Electoral Commissioner.

Ms Fleming’s appointment follows a distinguished 25-year career including international appointments in the private sector and a senior partnership role at KPMG.

With a proven track record of executive leadership in complex environments and experience in an Australian statutory agency, Ms Fleming is well suited to her new role of Deputy Electoral Commissioner.

A former Deputy Commissioner at the Australian Tax Office, Ms Fleming brings a wealth of experience working in a statutory environment to the Electoral Commission – understanding regulation and compliance, delivering of government programs, and working closely with stakeholders.

As Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Ms Fleming will play a critical statutory function in Victoria. This includes leading the planning of all State, local government and commercial elections, and managing the Commission’s engagement with the Parliament’s oversight body, the Electoral Matters Committee.

New Deputy Electoral Commissioner Appointed

I wanted to share yesterday’s announcement by the Premier of Victoria of my appointment as the Deputy Electoral Commissioner for Victoria from 18 August 2021. I am very much looking forward to contributing to Australia’s proud institution of democracy at the Victorian Electoral Commission. On a personal note I want to thank all my colleagues at the ATO who I have had the privilege of serving alongside for the past 3 years and in particular now retired James O’Halloran who led the JobKeeper program, my first manager. The professionalism and dedication of public servants in serving the community is exceptional and I am excited about the next step in my public service journey.

Congratulations to Old Fintonian, immediate past Chair of the Fintona Board of Management and current parent Dana Fleming (’88) on being appointed as the new Deputy Electoral Commissioner for Victoria. As Deputy Electoral Commissioner, Dana will lead the planning of all State, local government and commercial elections, and manage the Commission’s engagement with the Parliament’s oversight body, The Electoral Matters Committee. Minister for Government Services, Danny Pearson said of Dana’s appointment, ‘Ms Fleming’s vast experience over two decades makes her a valuable addition to the Victorian Electoral Commission.’

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