Tuesday, July 06, 2021

AIPIO Professional Intelligence Officer

Budget 2021: ASIO the big winner from AU$1.9 billion national security pool

ASIO will take the majority, with over a billion dollars to be used on enhancing Australia's national security capabilities. There's also a bunch of funding for three yet-to-be-passed security Bills.


Russian hackers were in position to alter Florida voter rolls (Rubio))

The AIPIO goal is to advance the professionalisation of intelligence.

To achieve our vison and goal, AIPIO works to sustain and grow a community of intelligence practitioners' through advocacy, thought leadership and partner engagement. 

The Institute's membership reflects all domains of intelligence practice including: national security, defence, law enforcement, regulation, compliance, business, industry and academia. 

What is Intelligence?

Historian Walter Laqueur observed that no one has succeeded in crafting a theory of intelligence.  Even today, we have no accepted definition of intelligence.  Many of the working definitions stress the ’informational’ aspects of intelligence rather than its ’organisational’ aspects.  For example, intelligence is the product resulting from the collection, processing, integration, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of available information concerning foreign countries or areas.   In practice, intelligence is both insight and an organised system for collecting and exploiting supporting data, information and knowledge.  Intelligence is both an activity and a product of that activity.  But most importantly, intelligence must confer an advantage to the customer.  Intelligence work is best undertaken by professionals.

AIPIO History

Origins.  The origins of AIPIO can be traced to a meeting held at the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) in Canberra on 20 November 1990.  Following the circulation of a draft Constitution to key stakeholders, 40 intelligence officers voted to approve the Constitution and form AIPIO on 2 May 1991.  The Institute was incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on 18 September 1991.

AIPIO Vision

Our vision is Integrated Intelligence: people and practice.


To advance the professionalisation of intelligence in Australia

AIPIO Professional Intelligence Officer Certification and Accreditation Scheme

Using AI to prevent cybercrime targeting Smart Cities on the Darkweb

The growing capabilities of artificial intelligence have allowed for a growing spotlight on the dangers lurking on the dark web and have allowed authorities to track criminals and protect innocent civilians targeted by threat actors.

Beneath the surface of the internet used by everyday users, lies the deep dark web where criminal marketplaces thrive in the selling of illegal weapons, drugs, as well as credit card numbers, stolen credentials and software to hack into computers.

With an increased reliance on smart technology such as AI, law enforcement agencies have been working continuously to stop the malicious activities carried out by criminals who feel that they are safe behind a screen of anonymity.

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