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Thanks to you Deep Bloggers Cold War River is Sold Out

In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.

— Warren Buffett and Dr Cope

Towards the Heart of a Book: In Praise of the Epigraph

The epigraph page is like a ceremonial gate ushering us into the realm of the author with his or her beloved quotation from a great mind or celebrated scamp that perfectly reflects, or distills, the essence of what follows.


Cold River: a survivor's story about man's desire for freedom during a time when none existed. ... Author's Blog: Jozef Imrich - Media Dragon ...

Cold River: The Cold Truth of Freedom

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Businessinsider: One Amazon Warehouse Reportedly Throws Out 130,000 Products A Week, Including Some That Are Brand New. 

Wow, this story! "On the morning after Juliane Diller fell to earth, she awoke in the deep jungle of the Peruvian rainforest dazed with incomprehension."

Modern literature is full of difficult, challenging artists who toiled in obscurity until the public caught up with them and made them famous. Sondheim presents the much rarer case of an artist who started out at the heart of the establishment and moved away from it as his work became more ambitious and complex.

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN:  Our bossy society is completely losing sight of the value of risky behavior

RAZIB KHAN ON NEW DISCOVERIES IN GENETIC HISTORY:  Here be humans: We keep discovering how much less of humanity is. . . us. “The ‘Out of Africa’ narrative of circa 2000 presented our own lineage as a superhuman race, the apotheosis of human evolution. The telos of two million years of encephalization, as human brains got bigger and bigger. The latest results do not fit easily into our old hero narrative. Neanderthals win the contest for largest human brains. And ‘Dragon Man’ turns out to have had a very large brain too, in line with modern cranial capacities. All human lineages were getting bigger-brained over the last few million years, not just the lineage that led up to us. . . . 

Make Use Of: “Unbiased news sources are rare, but they do exist. Here are the best news websites that are free from true censorship….The Associated Press was founded in 1846. The renowned global news organization has 53 Pulitzer Prizes under its belt. It is and has always been the epitome of clear and unbiased news journalism and reporting. It is actually where most journalists seek out their own news stories to report on. John Daniszewski, for the AP, wrote a piece about fake news on social media titled “Getting the facts right.” He cited a memo sent out to AP staff by Social Media Editor Eric Carvin where Eric wrote:

The language we use: Whenever possible, we want to emphasize specifics rather than generalizations or labels. Let’s say what we know to be true and what is false, based on our reporting.

This is the very definition of unbiased news. he AP doesn’t paint rainbows for one side on any story while drawing storm clouds for the other. The language used in each report is neutral, and the focus is only on reporting the news. Independent media bias checkers consistently place The Associated Press firmly in the center of the news, with some extremely borderline leanings toward the left-center. Check out the AllSides report for more information or the Media Bias Fact Check for an alternative. The AP also made it onto our list of most trusted news websites…”

Can novelists see the future? The German military decided to put that premise to a test   ... TEST …

Articles of Note

In the West, we confine dreams to the realms of superstition and metaphysics. But in other societies, dream-sharing is a serious business   TEST 


In recent novels by Lauren Oyler and Patricia Lockwood, deceit, conspiracy theories, and dumb jokes thrive online. Tell us something we don’t know... more »

Essays & Opinions

New Black satire. The Dave Chappelle fatalism of the early 2000s has given way to sincerity and demands for action   ... more »

Can Writers Make Money From NFTs, Too? Some Are Trying

“It’s hard to make sense of what the NFT creative landscape might mean for otherwise underpaid writers. At once, it’s a place for writers to experiment with form, publish and earn money directly and instantly without any traditional publishing gatekeepers. It’s also a brand-new subculture with no reliable routes to financial success or readership, cut off from a larger writing market and culture that doesn’t understand it, raising knotty questions about what elements of writing are truly valuable to readers. For some, it’s exciting. But it’s also chaos.” – Literary Hub

Yet more corruption risk comes to light

Posted on June 30 2021

I share this from the Good Law Project, just received: Good Law Project Dear Richard,Good Law Project can reveal the existence of a VIP lane
Read the full article…

Top lawyer at City watchdog used celebrity tax avoidance scheme - Cobalt case 

Court judgement in Cobalt Data Centre 2 LLP Cobalt Data Centre 3 LLP v Revenue and Customs: [2020] UKUT 356 (TCC) (19 November 2020