Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Barest Flutter of the Smallest Leaf

 A biographical memoir of Derek Parfit by Jonathan Dancy — published by The British Academy (via Martin O’Neill)

Complaints about ignorant or irrational voters tend to be based on some mistakes — Michael Hannon (Nottingham) explains, but will that explanation leave you feeling better about democracy?

The editors of a crowdfunded volume on women philosophers are featured in The Irish Times — Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting discuss the book they put together “for our younger selves”

Quantum modal realism — Alastair Wilson (Birmingham) interviewed by Siddharth Muthukrishnan on Natural Philosophers

Can virtual reality help us better understand what it’s like to be in others’ shoes? — Erick Jose Ramirez (Santa Clara) raises some concerns about this increasingly popular idea

Nominations are open for leadership positions in the American Philosophical Association — nominees and nominators must be APA members

Exploring Descartes’ Meditations with the “philosophical autopilot” turned off  an interview with John Carriero (UCLA)