Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Did Covid-19 trigger nostalgic taste in music?

 Did Covid-19 trigger nostalgic taste in music?

The philanthropy of Chuck Feeney who gave it all away (link fixed now).

Claims about North Korea and nuclear war.

Kanye to the NYT: “He also expressed anguish about abortion, said he didn’t reflexively support Democrats, and asked, “Does anyone at your magazine believe in Jesus?”” (link is NYT as well — they do not report their answer to that question)

Airline workers have lower rates of Covid-19 than the general population

The ‘Gentrification Font’ (There’s Really A Typeface For Rich People Taking Over Poor Neighborhoods?)

“‘Gentrification font’ applies to any stylish sans serif that decorates houses and real estate developments, especially in changing areas. Users replying to the viral Twitter thread pegged it as anything from Avenir to Futura to Century Gothic, which look identical to an untrained eye.” But the font most identified with gentrification is Neutraface, most familiar from the restaurant chain Shake Shack. Here’s a deep dive into how this phenomenon developed. – Vice