Wednesday, September 09, 2020

South Sea Ring of Trouble

 Antifa 'Commander' Collapses, Crying, Into the 'Fetal Position' When Arrested.

Interactive map lets you track the location of your hometown on the Earth as the planet changes over 750 million years Daily Mail

Scenarios for the South China Sea :The good, the bad and the downright ugly

With ever more tit-for-tat belligerent rhetoric and military posturing, China and the US seem to be slouching towards a showdown in the South China Sea. What might come next can be captured in three scenarios – good, ugly and bad. Continue reading 

FBI Worried Ring and Other Doorbell Cameras Could Tip Owners Off To Police Searches The Verge

Amazon Removes Job Listings For Intelligence Analyst To Track ‘Labor Organizing Threats’ Vice

Amazon Drivers Are Hanging Smartphones in Trees to Get More Work Bloomberg 

Two cognitive tendencies help explain why low-income voters often oppose the redistribution of wealth PsyPost 

Corporate zombies: Anatomy and life cycle Bank of International Settlements. “We find a rise in the share of zombie firms from 4% in the late 1980s to 15% in 2017.” I thought the whole point of being a zombie was not to have a life cycle. Apparently not!

Wirecard and me: Dan McCrum on exposing a criminal enterprise FT

Danske Debt Scandal Triggers FSA Probe and Police Scrutiny Bloomberg

Court rules NSA phone snooping illegal — after 7-year delay Politico. So pardon Snowden?

Doorbell Cameras Like Ring Give Early Warning Of Police Searches, FBI Warned The Intercept. “Hey Alexa, flush the stash.”

The Trouble with Disparity Adolph Reed,


The Privileged Have Entered Their Escape PodsDouglas Rushkoff, OneZero (JB). Anybody think the Zong Massacre won’t repeat itself, as Musk heaves the “cargo” out of Starship‘s airlocks for the insurance money?


“All of a Sudden a Lot of These Families Wanted a Yard”: How the Pandemic Gold Rush Is Remaking the Housing Market Vanity Fair. The pandemic is treating some people very, very well. None of them “essential.”


New social media guide for public servants highlights risks of posting, sharing, and even ‘liking’ online content

IT'S A MINEFIELD: The resource has been released just weeks after former federal public servant Josh Krook spoke out about censorship in the public service.