Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Robot Generals: Will They Make Better Decisions Than Humans – Or Worse?

 Is this what Dana was trying to say to him earlier? That he’s not the only one who has a hard time? That he doesn’t have some sort of monopoly on misery? But it’s different, he wanted to say then and wants to say now. It’s different. Can’t you see that? It’s different.”


"Wattle is the national symbol of unity and resilience, and don't we need that at the moment Wattle Day   


In Cloud we trust:

A folder containing 108,535 scanned images of more than 50,000 driver's licences, and another containing Roads and Maritime Services toll notice statutory declarations, was uncovered

Over 54,000 scanned NSW driver's licences found in open cloud storage

The cache was discovered last week by Ukrainian security consultant Bob Diachenko who stumbled upon the directory while investigating another data breach.


NSW Transport is yet to alert up to tens of thousands of people whose full driver's licence details were mistakenly left exposed in an open cloud storage.

Key points:

  • Transport for NSW said it is working with Cyber Security NSW to investigate the issue
  • The documents feature scans of licences which reveal information such as names and addresses
  • Experts say the data could be misused for identity theft purposes

Data breach exposes tens of thousands of NSW driver’s licences online

No verdict in criminal trial of Obeids and Macdonald until 2021

  •  Kate McClymont

NSW’s nudge unit suggests using behavioural insights to boost compliance in the public service

FOLLOW THE RULES: The BIU notes five key elements drive employee engagement: meaningful work, supportive management, positive work environment, growth opportunities, and trust in leadership.


Tax After Coronavirus: submission to the Treasury Committee of the House of Commons

Posted on August 28 2020

The Treasury Committee of the House of Commons issued a call for evidence on Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) shortly before the summer recess, with submission requested
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Robot Generals: Will They Make Better Decisions Than Humans – Or Worse?

The odd idea of replacing generals with AI is getting a hearing. 


Some people can get the pandemic virus twice, a study suggests. That is no reason to panic Science

The End of Oil Is Near SIerra Club


Norway oil fund chief drama has exposed weaknesses in country’s model FT


Green swans: Why climate change is unlike any other financial risk In The Black (periol). The BIS and accounting standards material is interesting.


Will We Ever Listen To The Warnings? David Sirota, Too Much Information


UN-backed climate fund faces wave of abuse allegations from staff FT


How the shadow of slavery still hangs over global finance The Conversation

Comedy outside in the park (NYT).  And comics cannot tell what is funny without an audience (WSJ).  So what exactly is the best way of describing their quite unique skill?

 Profound TikTok video on Pythagoras.

Are we all suffering from acedia right now?

Defining the 1990s musical canon.  Not impressive to this listener, but I will give thumbs up to MJ’s “Black or White.”

How to smile with your eyes when you are wearing a mask (WSJ).  They call it smizing, and “It involves bringing life to your eyes while keeping the rest of the face neutral.”

Further evidence that the virus did indeed mutate into a more contagious form.