Saturday, September 26, 2020

20 Minutes in Nature a Day Is Your Ticket to Feeling Better

 A collection of books with unusual but brilliant structures

20 Minutes in Nature a Day Is Your Ticket to Feeling Better TreeHugger

What Is Math? Smithsonian

THEY’RE ALWAYS IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK: SWnew mass extinction 233 million years ago.

Explainer: All About Sacking Of Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Director

Alex Greenberger lays out the background and history: why Nathalie Bondil had been so acclaimed before she was fired; the new curator and accusations of nepotism; counter-accusations of bullying; what the museum’s board is saying (publicly) about the matter; what the employees are saying (which is rather different). – ARTnews

‘Shocking’: wilderness the size of Mexico lost worldwide in just 13 years, study finds Guardian

How To Survive The Internet? Books!

“On the one hand, we feel that everything is moving so fast, but we simultaneously feel trapped in our social structures and patterns of life, imprisoned, deprived of meaningful choice.” – Harper’s

The Best Of The Writers We Have, Often Deliberately, Forgotten

Hannah Lynch was “a neglected Irish writer, famous in her time,” but studying her also gives a window “into a robust international women’s culture at the fin-de-siècle that only recently has become the subject of critical revival, to which Irish writers, artists, journalists, and activists contributed.” – The Irish Times