Thursday, September 24, 2020

Officials wary of 'cowboy industry' fail to dump security firm over unauthorised subcontracting

The message is the same no matter the application.

Could you guess the profession the following was being applied to?

No matter what journey we’re on in life. We have a start position and an area where we want to be. Let’s call it our goals

In order for us to get to the other side. We need to acquire a set of skills to bridge that gap for us to cross.

So unless we acquire those skills we can’t cross over to where we want to be. The success that we seek.

Skills pay the bills.

- Strength Empire via JD


Turns Out Most Of Scots Wikipedia Is Fake. What To Do About It?

If there is any reason to think the situation with Scots Wikipedia will improve over time, it might simply be that Wikipedia editors themselves are quite industrious—and, relatively speaking, more forgiving. – Slate

Former MP sent invoice after Parliament House event with then-premier: ICAC

Dirty money leaks shine a spotlight on kleptocrats devouring our economy

What The Country Needs Now Is A Really Good Four-Letter Word’

Wilfred McClay: “I hear you, gentle reader, saying that surely I must be kidding. We need more profanity? Aren’t we already being inundated with it? … And that’s exactly the problem. Our curse currency has become grossly inflated and devalued. … When what once was salty loses its savor, it becomes worthy only to be trampled underfoot.” – The Hedgehog Review

A Last Chance To Save Music Venues

“Music venues, theaters, and movie houses help make cities desirable, interesting, and economically humming—but they simply cannot operate in a pandemic. Following one of them through the past six months reveals a lot about how America’s economic relief left many kinds of businesses behind—and how much worse off these places will be unless a presently gridlocked Congress does something.” – Slate

Five things the pandemic has revealed about the Australian psyche

THIS IS US: The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned some of the most dramatic changes to Australian life in recent memory. This is what it revealed about us.

The world is losing the money laundering fight

'Mountain' of fraud allegations cited by DA seeking Trump's tax papers

It’s time that auditors stopped gaming systems for their own advantage

The FT had a story yesterday with the headline: As the story noted: Deloitte has been ordered to pay a record fine of £15m plus
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