Sunday, September 13, 2020

Glass Artisan: Bookshelves

Cunning blog, bowl
for my thoughts and musk melon,
as well as rotten plums
and filmy kiwi. I would splatter
the walls with seeds,
slippery pith and flesh alike
melding into one stinky Monet,
but at least not a page was torn.

Stand and deliver: in praise of the news kiosk

A polarising US election, a global pandemic, the rise of cancel culture: what does the queen of dystopian fiction make of 2020 so far?

My mission to prove second-hand can be luxurious

Best in glass: the new wave of makers

Thank Goodness For Caremongering

Over decades and centuries, mutual aid has helped people pay rent, buy groceries, and acquire medicine; it has given workers something where there is so much nothing to be had, and it has given luckier people a way to help out in desperate times. So why weren’t we doing mutual aid before—everybody, all the time? Well, Black people were. – The Walrus


Hollywood actors and A-list stars battle for shot at developing next big drinks brand

Lunch with the FT

The streaming giant’s co-CEO on his ‘no rules’ culture — and why only world domination will do

Sir John Richardson, the “renowned Picasso scholar, curator and bon vivant” was an inveterate collector as seen by the rooms in his lower Fifth Avenue loft and Connecticut house. He also had exquisite taste and now some of his fabulous finds can be yours when they come up for auction at Stair Galleries and Sotheby’s […]