Saturday, September 05, 2020

Always Searching: Wattle


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is the world’s biggest whisky club proudly bottling only single cask, cask strength, single malt whisky, rum, bourbon, rye, Armagnac and Cognac. Every release is truly unique and straight from the cask. By becoming a member of the Society, you join 35,000+ other like-minded whisky fanatics who appreciate the best flavours you can get from a cask from the widest range of distilleries in the world.



After one finishes a story, one should cross out the beginning and the end," said Chekhov. "It is there that we writers lie most of all”  Chekhov  

When Ralph Ellison got to New York, age 23, he kept copies of his letters. He was writing himself into history  ...23 Twenty Three 

National Wattle Day blooming in Canberra next week - where to celebrate the golden icon

A brief history of chocolate – and some of its surprising health benefits

EAT THE WAGON WHEEL: While cocoa may not be the cure-all it was once believed to be, research shows it’s more than just a guilty pleasure.

Elena Ferrante’s Master Class on Deceit

Eight Trends In Recent Book Cover Art

These days, book covers are all about nature; they’re festooned with flowers, swirling with birds and littered with leaves. Those aren’t the only trends we’ve noticed, however. Here’s a look at eight, with a couple of samples from each category. – Washington Post

Heroin’s Hidden Ingredient Is a Chemical Made by U.S. Companies Bloomberg

More Space, Please: Home Sales Booming Despite Pandemic, Recession NPR

“How I reduced student email load by ~95%” — and other posts about teaching at “New Normal,” a new blog from University of Toronto philosophy PhD student Boaz Schuman

Scholars, should you study what you love? — many people say yes, but Martin Lenz (Groningen) dissents

Australia’s needs to stand up for the arts

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Coalition Government has been widely criticised for its failure to support the arts in the COVID-19 crisis. The PM has responded with a handful of PR announcements. But what’s needed is a complete change of policy direction.

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