Sunday, September 13, 2020

Antifa 'Commander' Collapses, Crying, Into the 'Fetal Position' When Arrested.

  Antifa 'Commander' Collapses, Crying, Into the 'Fetal Position' When Arrested

 Orwell in the Waugh-zone – The Orwell Society
As David Lebedoff (2008) stresses, Orwell and Waugh can appear polar opposites: Orwell the dedicated socialist and anti-Catholic who was prepared to live with tramps in order to expiate his guilt of having worked for the ‘racket’ of the British Empire as an Imperial Policeman in Burma (1922-1927) and who always hated bullying. Waugh, in contrast, the bully, the Catholic and dedicated social climber. Yet both came to see the 20th century in a similar way – imperilled by ideologues, lies, cultural decadence and assaults on tradition. Orwell, the atheist, deplored the decline of religious faith as much as Waugh the Catholic convert.

Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Drunk-Walking Wired. One, carry only a dumb phone or pull the smart phone battery out. Two, develop a drunk-walking dance step. 

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Zigbee Alliance Standard For Smart Home Tech On Track For 2021 Release MacRumors. Burn it with fire.

Tesla Can Detect Aftermarket Hacks Designed To Defeat EV Performance Paywalls The Drive 

Your Most Pressing Questions About Masks, Answered by CR’s Chief Scientist - Consumer Reports – via Pete Weiss – “With COVID-19 still spreading in the U.S., masks have become a daily part of American life. In a nationally representative survey CR conducted in July, 85 percent of Americans said they wear a mask in indoor public spaces “always” or “most of the time” (up from 75 percent the previous month). But consumers still have a lot of questions about masks, and it’s not always easy to find evidence-based answers. We asked CR’s chief scientific officer to weigh in: