Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Mao: Do Not Stand Too Close to Me

 COLLUSION:  Acting Homeland Security secretary creates new subcommittee to probe foreign interference in academics. Well, “collusion” and “foreign interference” are bad, right?

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Bob Katter launches an extraordinary attack on Australian universities labelling them 'prostitutes' who have 'sold their body and soul' to the Chinese Communist Party

US sanctions 24 Chinese companies over South China Sea island building CNN

Demand for Sand Sucks Life From China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Sixth Tone

Māo (猫), a thread of poems

CHINA IS ASSHOLE: National security law: arrested Hong Kong activist among group caught by China’s coastguard while fleeing to Taiwan, sources confirm. “Andy Li, who was arrested for alleged collusion with foreign forces and money laundering in a police swoop on August 10, was detained in mainland China on suspicion of ‘unlawfully crossing the border,’ along with others caught on the boat.”

Li has been speaking up against Beijing for years, but this new “national security” law allows for Hong Kongers to be tried in Beijing’s kangaroo courts, rather than in front of Hong Kong juries. No wonder he tried to flee.

Japan, India and Australia to Seek Supply Chain Pact Bloomberg