Friday, September 03, 2021

Romantic Outlaws


All the way home on the train I thought of Dad and the terrible mistake I had made. I’d thought that to heal my great hurt, I should flee to the wild. It was what people did. The nature books I’d read told me so. So many of them had been quests inspired by grief or sadness. Some had fixed themselves to the stars of elusive animals. Some sought snow geese. Others snow leopards. Others cleaved to the earth, walked trails, mountains, coasts and glens. Some sought wildness at a distance, others closer to home. ‘Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions,’ wrote John Muir. ‘Earth hath no sorrows that earth cannot heal.'

Now I knew this for what it was; a beguiling but dangerous lie. I was furious with myself and my own unconscious certainty that this was the cure I needed. Hands are for other human hands to hold. They should not be reserved exclusively as perches for hawks. And the wild is not a panacea for the human soul; too much in the air can corrode it to nothing.
Helen Macdonald, H is for Hawk

I know that opinions are cheap. So here’s mine (and you can disagree). Victoria has done extremely well in containing this virus, but we no longer can reach our goal because others have decided that it’s not a goal worth having so our plans have been sabotaged.

A river is a thread.
It embroiders our wold with beautiful patterns.
It connects people and places, past and present.
It stitches stories together.

Theoretically, this douchebag is a medical authority (one wonders about that). His  opinion regarding social media is just that. He might want to take a refresher course on the First Amendment — and maybe a course in American history. And maybe even go to some totalitarian place he would find  more congenial. He should also be fired.

I mean, what the hell qualifies this guy to make a sociopolitical judgment regarding free speech? Free speech means the right to shoot your mouth off  even if you’re wrong. This clown has no trouble exercising it. He just doesn’t want anybody who he doesn’t agree with to exercise it.

Garrison Architects completes modernist Catskills retreat with 24 elevated cabins

Prefabricated wooden cabins perched on stilts surround a central lodge at this 50-acre cabin resort in the Catskill Mountains designed by Brooklyn firm Garrison Architects. More

| “This is not what real data look like, and we can’t think of a plausible benign explanation for it.” Was a landmark study about dishonesty faked? 

The top picks for the next boom suburbs on the Gold Coast
SuburbMedian house price
Mermaid Waters$1,063,000