Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How to create a business page on Facebook

 Mashable - How to create a business page on FacebookMashable: “Facebook is infamous for the numerous ways in which folks use — and misuse — the platform, from your uncle sharing conspiracy theories to your roommate selling your couch on Marketplace. There’s one tool Facebook offers that is almost unilaterally helpful to users, though, and that’s the option for business owners to create a business page. A business page on Facebook is a great way to consolidate all the information customers need to know about your business, from location to hours to everything in between, without having to spend the time, money, and effort on a website. Sounds good, right? But it can be tricky to get down exactly howto create a business page on Facebook, so here’s your step-by-step guide…” 

A search engine that favors text-heavy sites and punishes modern web design

China cracks down on financial bloggers

The FT has reported this morning that: China has launched a crackdown on financial blogs and social media, a move that risks exacerbating the difficulty
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A house divided against itself cannot tame the pandemic

St Matthew tells us that Jesus was at pains to teach his disciples that, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. The truism comes to mind as one looks in vain for the United States of Australia, an entity essential for our taming of the Covid pandemic.

Belfast’s best-kept secret 

John Self welcomes the reissue of three works by Brian Moore, one of Northern Ireland’s few novelists who can stand toe-to-toe with the contemporary greats

The U.S. Army’s Iron Dome could be headed to Ukraine Politico. Certainly useful against rockets fired by Hamas…. 

Novichok Secret Paralyzes British Doctors Following German Doctor’s Disclosures Dances with Bears

Bruce Is a Parrot With a Broken Beak. So He Invented a Tool. NYT

From Reviled to Adored bioGraphic. From February, still germane.


Signs Point to Sears Closing Brooklyn Store, Its Last Outpost in New York City The City

Flocculent and Feculent London Review of Books

10 PRINT “RIP”, 20 GOTO 10

The Royal Institute of British Architects page at Arts and Culture / aerial photography by Brad Walls / Pelle Cass’ digitally manipulated sports photographs / Amelia, The Trilogy of Terror, fun short film from the 70s / China’s Ghost Cities. The strap, ‘Eye candy for pessimists’, pretty much sums up the blend of schadenfreude and sheer escapist fantasy that characterises the second-hand experience of urbex / the Lamest edit wars on Wikipedia / post-rocky music by Intervention; spooky synth pop by Murmur; gloomy doom from Dawn Fades / signs galore at God’s Own Junkyard / 3D printed map of San Andreas / Pertinent to our interests: “Rewilding Your Attention“, on how to step off the algorithmic path (via MeFi) / Farewell, Sir Clive. Some good links and memories. See also the excellent World of Spectrum.