Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I have always known that life is better when you share it. I now realize it gets even sweeter when you expand the circle.
- Oprah Winfrey

For the next few hours or days it's moving time. THE BIG DAY is tomorrow. Moving house can be an exhausting and disruptive experience, but it also is filled with opportunities and anticipation of the variety that life tends to serve us on a plate in our exile. The biggest move in my life was the crossing of the Iron Curtain at 22. Since then I lived like a gypsie most of the time - it included stings at Traiskirchen was the Austrian headquarters for refugees ... Villawood became my Hollywood and then living with George Dorman - uncle of Leo Schofield at Croydon the leafy Bay Street. Lauren introduced me to Jessie Street at Westmead and together we saved to invade Darling Point Road at Darling Point where both girls Alex and Gabbie were conceived ;-) The longest time we stayed somewhere was at Birriga Rd, Bellevue Hill. Since then Adelaide and Brissie and Sunshine Coast where our homes. Now we say goodbye to the Shire and hello to Bondi again ...
Gabriella and I have used the surreal act of moving house again as an opportunity to sort out our possessions. We had a garage sale and we had given away stuff to friends and charity shops. As we packed everything up and the rooms came merely to hold cardboard boxes rather than our lives, the house returned bit by bit to a Platonic state of unreality about the move - IT all seems abstract and kind of ghostly. With each book I removed from the shelves I felt like David Bowman unplugging HAL’s memory modules towards the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Something wound down and faded, but you couldn’t call it a living thing. We were the living things, and we are on our way to a new place, and our memories are coming with us. I miss all those different places like I miss my childhood: terribly, but I wouldn’t go back ...

Moving house can be one of the most exciting things you ever do. Here are a few helpful tips to make moving more colourful ;-) Tips courtesy of Izzy’s Channel 7

So much of our lives on this side of the cemetery appears to be in the name of love and friendship. Indeed, friends give us memories we are unlikely to forget. ... Lately life's been good again, thanks to soulful friends, as we have rebonded over best thai, dark coffee and breezy walks ... How can I ever thank you enough? Steve, Chris, Phil and Roberto? Gina, Gwynne, Patricia, Kerri and Vanessa - thank you for restoring my faith in women. Every time I think of our intimate conversations, it makes me smile like a village idiot ;-) You have been the best brothers and sisters in the world, and have listened to me bitch, whine, and complain for years! I'd move a mountain for you Steve and Chris seriously. Enough with this sentimentality, I'll just buy you brandy! I'd like to thank you for always telling me the things I never wanted to hear, and for steering me in the right direction. Your support keeps me grounded, and your love for simple things in life is very inspiring.

Honestly, there are dozens of people I need to thank, because I have truly crafted an amazing life in exile with your help. Every day when I wake up, I am positively sure that it will be better than the last one. You see with friends like you, my success is guaranteed. Thanks for helping him create a meaningful and impactful life (Bear with me if I disappear temporarily beneath the river of life filled with new adventures)

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
-Melody Beattie

We are witnessing the Web's second coming, not a new bubble. The holiday season may be a time for love, hope and all that jazz. But let's face it: for millions of Americans, a big part of it is getting new toys... Building a Better Boom

Steven Baker is a journalist who truly understands (by doing) the nuanced difference in writing for a publication like BusinessWeek, for it's online property, BusinessWeek.com, and for his blog Blogging is different?

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Some Find New Money in Domain Names
Firms are snapping up scores of generic domains

Internet domain names are a hot commodity again. But unlike the 1990s, when speculators bought up Web addresses in hopes of reselling them later for a big payday, many of today's purchases are aimed at cashing in on the boom in online advertising.

Thanks to Web Ads, [U.S. Maintains Control of Net ; The New Power Generation How you'll know when the boomers have lost control of the media ]
• · A paper questions whether search engines make popular sites more so ... The winner takes all, it is widely supposed in computing circles. Indeed, geeks have coined a word, “Googlearchy”, for the way in which search engines encourage web traffic towards the most popular sites Egalitarian engines ; Small ads are flooding away from newspapers and onto the internet Classified calamity ; An educational gadget called the Fly Pentop Computer is already appearing high on the "hottest toys" lists for this holiday season David Pogue: The Pen Gets a Whole Lot Mightier.
• · · The Death of Media announces the death of mass media and the emergence of the citizen journalist ; Scott McLemee talks to Moby Lives' Dennis Loy Johnson about his decision to shift to online radio Radio Free Moby
• · · · No self-respecting industry these days is without a must-read blog From Hollywood to Wall Street, a guide to the blogs insiders read to stay current What the In-Crowd Knows ; Murdoch’s mag stands athwart history yelling, “Attack!”
• · · · · Wonkette.com author Ana Marie Cox is fearless driver of Beltway buzz ; Bloggers of world unite Blogging is growing because it allows anyone with a passion to publish with minimal cost Love is still going on but without blog...
• · · · · · Bloggers Beware! Bots Are Stealing Content From Your Blog, Stop Them ; Some Final Thoughts on Yesterday's Senate Blog Event

Monday, November 21, 2005

History is a great dust heap
-Thomas Carlyle

The history of modern nation building suggests that the authority of the state must be grounded in the common cultural and ethnic values of its citizens Nationhood, modernity, democracy

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: KISSING UP KICKING DOWN
How well do you know your colleagues' personalities? Researchers warn some of them may have psychopathic traits.

But they say this is nothing to be worried about. They will not be violent, but their psychopathic traits will allow them to climb the career ladder, New Scientist magazine reports. Professor Robert Hare, of the University of British Columbia says "corporate psychopaths'" arrogance and focus helps them succeed. They may also be superficially charming, prone to fly into rages and likely to take credit for colleague's achievements. Professor Hare estimates that around one per cent of the population of North America could be described as psychopaths.

How to spot a psychopath at work [ Kissing up, kicking down, blogging around ; Are you ( working with ) an Office Psychopath ? ]
• · Australian children enjoy less freedom to roam independently than children in German, English and New Zealand cities Children's freedoms reduced out of fear ; Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian
• · · Helping people break out of the poverty trap offers a career opportunity. Small is beautiful ; No government anywhere has lived up to its basic promises- all people need to contribute to building a new kind of freedom The Nature of Man and His Government ; Yes, I remember one student saying, the author has done a good job describing the way the windows broke. But he might have done something more beautiful by throwing rocks himself.... A look at France's history of violence
• · · · Here is a paradox. In the financial markets, investment information is rapidly and efficiently diffused. New product and service innovations, be they junk bonds, new forms of options, or debt securities that allocate
and price risk in an innovative fashion, get rapidly copied by competitors Presumed Truths Need Debunking ; If you want people to follow you, take a walk in their shoes How to Become a Change Agent
• · · · · Employee Engagement: New age HR ; Interesting Stuff: Hot Topic - inspirational dancing Will M&S's fancy footwork improve staff motivation? ; Peter Drucker is the one management thinker every educated person should read Trusting the teacher in the grey-flannel suit
• · · · · · There are two common misconceptions held by those who are critical of globalism. The first error is that there is a very small group of people who secretly run the world with all-powerful and unrestrained dictatorial powers. The second error is that there is a large amorphous and secret organization that runs the world. A look at The Global Elite: Who are they? ; The destiny of the currency is, and always will be, the destiny of a nation New International Economic Order ; An interview with Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again Fool Me Twice

One nail to drive out another. Such is the way of the world ... ;-)

A critic is there to set out reasons for an artist’s claim on our attention. We need good critics, informed critics, and more of them. But the minds of editors are elsewhere Critical clowns ... devoured by a thirst for celebrity

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: The way we were
As adults, we can go back and reread children’s literature with deep delight, but never with a child’s innocence

Why are adult readers so drawn to children's literature? A lavish new Norton anthology suggests some answers. As adult readers of children's stories, we're aware, as children are not, that their robust confidence in the world, at least while they are enraptured by a story, is ephemeral and fragile, endangered by every step they take toward adulthood. For us, the child becomes almost another character in the story, responding with a wonderfully heedless delight or dismay to things as unreal as the adult world she imagines. But we know what's coming, how evanescent the child's world is-and we feel for her what she cannot possibly feel for herself.

The willing suspension of disbelief [The beauty of Dr. Johnson’s language is a moral beauty, hard won out of his lifelong struggles. Yet another reason to love him. Amazingly enough, the first great dictionary was basically the work of one man. ; The Boundless Chaos of a Living Speech ]
• · Green Roofs ; The daguerreotype began it, wailed Baudelaire: “Our squalid society rushed, Narcissus to a man, to gaze at its trivial image on a scrap of metal.” We soon drowned in images The Image Culture
• · · Europe Central, by William T. Vollmann, has won the National Book Award for fiction. Joan Didion took the nonfiction prize. Europe Central ;
• · · · So you’re overweight? Relax, and enjoy some ice cream. The fear of fat may kill you before the fat itself does Obesity: Epidemic or Myth? ; The Aboriginal art craze has run its course, says Germaine Greer. Oh well, Aboriginal art, in common with all other art, is mostly bad anyway Can you tell what it's worth yet?
• · · · · Closed, pre-rational, taboo-ridden, undemocratic, militaristic, and fearful of liberty: for Karl Popper the tribal society was deeply menacing. Roger Sandall explain - The enemies of the open society today Tribal Yearnings ; Men care for hair only if it can lead somewhere ; NATURE not nurture is the main determinant of how well children perform at school and university Good genes beat good homes as guide to pupils’ school success
• · · · · · She risked torture, imprisonment, perhaps even death to study literature and write poetry in secret under the Taliban. Last week, when she should have been celebrating the success of her first book, Nadia Anjuman, was beaten to death in Herat, apparently murdered by her husband. Woman poet ‘slain for her verse’ ; Book Hunting in Britain Best UK bookshop ; The Kindness of Readers Best virtual bookshop

Sunday, November 20, 2005

We are packed and ready to invade new school and old grounds at Bondi area. Another interesting chapter in our book - as they say the only place where there is no inflation, exitement, emotional rollercoaster is the cemetery. Outside the cemetery life keeps going on and on - no matter what ...

Benjamin Franklin said, "Things that hurt instruct."
Do I think I have to hurt to learn?
-Liz Strauss

I walk. I talk. I trip every now and
then. Occasionally I fall down. I dance
in elevators when no one is looking,
but I will not run for a bus. ME Strauss

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: What does it mean to be a radical?
Radicalism was quite distinct from the modern American usage of radical to denote political extremes of right or left.

The meaning of language is often misunderstood, but the confusion that comes out of the pure ignorance for disregarding history, is boundless. From Wikipedia: the term Radical (latin radix meaning root) has been used since the late 18th century as a label in political science for those favouring or trying to produce thoroughgoing or extreme political reforms which can include changes to the social order to a greater or lesser extent. Historical

Only a reactionary knows best [For many conservatives, the publication of Jesse Helms’s memoirs is a melancholy event. It reminds them of a time when there was one politician they could count on, time and time again, to take lonely stands against polite—i.e., liberal—opinion Here’s Where I Stand: A Memoir, Jesse Helms ; I'd like to burn you at the stake! ]
• · An article on Simon Bolivar and the art of letter-writing ; A caption contest chez boynton, suggested by Nabakov ; Altruism demands that an individual serve others, but doesn’t stipulate whether those others should be one’s family, or the homeless, or society as a whole Villainy and the nature of evil (in 5 parts)
• · · Some things learned in school will inform major life choices that students make during college. Take shirtlessness, for example. A Shirt Isn’t a Prerequisite ; You may remember Chip McGrath from 2004 when he defended the fact that under his direction 72% of the books reviewed at the New York Times Book Review were by men by arguing that "more books are written by men than by women Boy, Girl, Boy ; Why have Catholics stopped lining up at the confessional? The Sin Box
• · · · Brilliant young writer's poetic licence ; Orwell the angry proletarian Two irascible Englishmen: Mr. Waugh and Mr. Orwell
• · · · · The California Aggie profiles Josh Clover, poet and former music critic -My interest really has been in the ways that people dismiss popular culture,” Clover said. “It’s more of a political decision than a choice of taste … a class bias against things that can be real expressions of human existence. From pop culture to poetry ; In Republican Like Me, journalist Harmon Leon infiltrates the Red (State) Menace to find out what makes conservatives so dang kooky Behind Enemy Lines
• · · · · · Do you suffer from extremely bad hangovers? ; Peter Drucker – The Austrian-born, US economist and management consultant pioneer died just a week shy of his 96th birthday Irony in guru's death on day GM does a deal

Friday, November 18, 2005

When Media Dragon alone covers a whole world of interesting and relevant information from the electronic frontiers, saving surfers a lot of time in having to monitor yet another field of curious trends and thoughtful information Hmmm, what better week to start Blog Appreciation Day: This week Is One of Those Weeks

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Many Things, Noted Briefly
Matt Cutts works at the Googleplex and at his blog writes about Google, search engine optimization traps and whatever comes to his mind that won’t “waste people’s time.”

Of all the Googlers around who have blogs, Matt might be the most outspoken when it comes to Google itself, and people in the search industry started checking his blog for semi-official “weather forecasts” on Google updates. I interviewed Matt on his work, interests and blog.

Matt Cutts, Google's Gadgets Guy [What's one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your business? Word-of-mouth marketing. Online word-of-mouth marketing powerful ; CONTRARY to the widespread belief that the bush is dying, Australia's non-metropolitan population is growing at least as fast as that in the main cities Going bush ]
• · Best New and Useful Blog Nomination ; From consultant to guru
• · · The internet is a monster, but it can be tamed. At least this is the idea behind two websites which have sprung up to help academics Websites taking the chore out of research referencing ; The author of a sassy blog about the federal judiciary, "Underneath Their Robes," is no longer cloaked in mystery Alex Kozinski: Federal prosecutor's superheated blog is put on ice
• · · · A blog discussion among three academics has escalated to the point that at least two of them have hired lawyers Online Quicksand ; 'Blawg' use in law firms is on the rise
• · · · · Understanding BitTorrent: An Experimental Perspective; Google is planning to abolish media commissions paid to advertising agencies and introduce a contentious new rebate system that is expected to revolutionise the $100 million search advertising market Google irks adland
• · · · · · Sniffing Passwords is Easy ; Ecommerce is increasingly vital to the economy

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today I learned that ...
An oyster is 90% testicle.

Love, Lust and Marriage

Love- When your eyes meet across a crowded room.
Lust- When your tongues meet across a crowded room.
Marriage- When you try to lose your spouse in a crowded room.

Love- When intercourse is called making love.
Lust- When intercourse in called screwing.
Marriage- When intercourse is a little town in Pennsylvania.

Love- When you argue over how many kids to have.
Lust- When you argue over w ho gets the wet spot.
Marriage- When you argue over whose idea it was to have kids.

Love- When you share everything you own.
Lust- When you steal everything they own.
Marriage- When the bank owns everything.

Love- When it doesn't matter if you don't climax.
Lust- When the relationship is over if you don't climax.
Marriage- When.... uh.... what's a climax.

Love- W hen your heart flutters every time you see them.
Lust- When your groin twitches every time you see them.
Marriage- When your wallet empties every time you see them.

Love- When all the songs on the radio describe exactly how you feel.
Lust- When all the songs on the radio determine how you do it.
Marriage- When you listen to talk radio.

Love- When breaking up is something you try not to think about.
Lust- When staying together is something you try not to think about.
Marriage- When just getting through the day is your only thought.

Love- When you're only interested in doing things with your partner.
Lust- When you're only interested in doing things TO your partner.
Marriage- When you're only interested in your golf score.

Love- When a rainy day means more time to stay inside and talk.
Lust- When a rainy day means more time to stay inside and have sex.
Marriage- When a rainy day means it's time to clean the basement.

Love- You only leave the house for coffee and doughnuts.
Lust- You only leave the house for condoms and Vaseline.
Marriage- You only leave the house when you're allowed

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

AUSTRALIA WINS THE WORLD CUP QUALIFIER ON PENALTIES 4-2 At times like these, we grasp for words of excitement and joy ;-) Australia's date with destiny: Australia John Aloisi GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!!!!

Ach another thoughtful courtesy of Gina: Not that I want to be a god or a hero. Just to change into a tree, grow for ages, not hurt anyone. Using trees as the metaphor, these poignant words of Nobel prizewinner Czeslaw Milosz sum up what it truly means to be human. Perhaps we in the animal kingdom can learn much from those in the plant kingdom.

Monday, November 14, 2005

So, other than apartment hunting in a dog eat dog competitive market, I've been pretty busy with studying IR legislation. The ins and outs of looking for a flat to lease in Bondi area can sometimes be an arduous process especially if you are in a company of a thirteen years old daughter who eyes the calm life on the beach ;-) We used to live in the area for 17 years before we invaded the Sunshine Coast for four years. Bondi is an expensive place to live even by the international standards ... We viewed a number of two-bedroom flats ranging in price from $350 to $440 per week. Cost variables are contingent on a variety of factors, including size, neighborhood, proximity to the beach and general condition. We had found a dream flat on two ocassions, but on each ocassion we have been guzumped However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as my old Iceberg club wants me baaack ;-)

Speaking of Dog eat Dog metality, the Federal Government has warned its workforce of 120,000 not to attend today's mass rallies against its tough industrial relations legislation, circulating memos that public servants will be breaking the law even if they take a day of annual leave to protest Public servants warned off mass rally. Other employers have been advised to take action against workers who attend Tuesday's rallies against the government's industrial reforms IR anger to spill into streets

Mass rallies expected against IR reforms
IR changes 'create US-style poor

A look at when corruption makes perfect economic sense Zero tolerance for corruption

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: There Are Too Many Losers in Globalization
On globalization's losers: Politicians need to be braver when capitalism is the only game in town

It was pure Fawlty Towers. According to Helmut Kohl, Margaret Thatcher's comment after the Berlin Wall came down was: "We've beaten the Germans twice. Now they're back."
If true, this seems a rather perverse response, since Thatcher had spent the 1980s supporting Ronald Reagan in the last big battle of the Cold War, one that resulted in an economically weak Soviet Union being bankrupted by its attempts to keep up with the west in an arms race. Thatcher and Reagan hailed the demolition of the Berlin Wall as the release of millions of people from tyranny

Deep irony [The Utility of Force: the art of war in the modern world ; Gene Sperling on how the time to think about helping displaced workers is before they lose their jobs. The Early-Warning Economy ]
• · The more extravagant promises of globalization theory have come to naught. Where do we go from here? The Collapse of Globalism ; In the untamed world of hedge funds, rigged deals and manipulated markets help the wealthy thrive while ordinary investors wither. Behind the Hedge
• · · And Sixties counter-culture had a point, it was an act of rebellion. Forty years on, the need is just as great Grandchildren of the revolution ; The fruits of freedom
• · · · Injured accused terrorist Omar Baladjam was moved from hospital to prison in Sydney's biggest ever anti-terror convoy Huge convoy for injured suspect ; Investors should be keeping some powder dry rather than taking extra risks to cope with the prospect of lower investment returns Tycoon says greed has rotted enterprise
• · · · · Bush lied ; The Australian Newsagency blog is one of my favourite Australian blogs and I've mentioned it before. For the past couple of weeks, blogger/newsagent Mark Fletcher has been running a series of posts complaining about the unfair competition newsagents are receiving at the hands of Australia Post. Today, he summarises his case in a letter to Crikey: The postman always rings twice
• · · · · · The public has become suspicious about public-private partnerships Tunnel trouble will lead to deeper difficulties ; WANT to buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge? The question, used to sort out gullible blow-ins, has been part of this city's larrikin streak for generations. Deal-making flaws must be addressed

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Shortest Fairytale Ever
Once upon a time a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?"
She said "No"
And the guy lived happily ever after.

If you had the choice between hopping around to one of Britney Spears' "classics" or strapping on a Gibson SG and rocking out to freakin' Iron Man, which would you choose? Guitar Hero video game uses 3/4-size guitar as input device

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: Creating a virtual Library of Alexandria
Internet companies are racing to get books online, but publishers are understandably wary. Sometimes the conventional wisdom turns out to be true—only with a twist.

Information wants to be free,” according to a celebrated aphorism from the early days of the internet. Yet this ethos has been creating new headaches recently. As search-engine firms and others unveil plans to place books online, publishers fear that the services may end up devouring their business, either by bypassing them or because the initiatives threaten to make their copyrights redundant.

• Guys who cain't say no Pulp friction [And an interview with Peter Morville, author of Ambient Findability, on the consequences of being able to find anything from anywhere at anytime. Intelligence is moving to the edges, flowing through wireless devices, empowering individuals and distributed teams. Ideas spread like wildfire, and information is in the air, literally. And yet with this wealth of instantly accessible information, we still experience disorientation. We still wander off the map The Impact of "Ambient Findability" ; Film has left the cinema and joined us for drinks, with books and music, at home. DVDs signal a revolution in culture... Scenes from a Revolution ]
• · As one respected journal claims that men are smarter than women, another leaps in to rubbish the research Who has the bigger brain? ; For every cell in your body, you support 10 bacterial cells that make vitamins, trigger hormones, and may even influence how fat you are. Are antibiotics killing us?
• · · Designing dogs to suit our whims What's the matter with cloning Rex? ; How to Write a Novel in 100 Days | John Coyne "What you need to do each day for the next hundred days to write your novel. I could have written that book
• · · · Is it me or is everything shit? I've been asking myself this for the past five years. Before that, I believed the decadence and banality of our society was a simple fact - irrefutable except by those with a financial incentive to maintain the global monoculture of "cool". Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit? The encyclopedia of modern life ; Amazon Gets Patents on Consumer Reviews
• · · · · Manufacturing High Anxiety Are you and your family at risk? ;
• · · · · · The encyclopedia of modern life. And eat, sleep, work, consume, die: The Luddite Tony Long despairs Eat, Sleep, Work, Consume, Die ; Latin American soap operas trample the competition where they appear. Does Hollywood have the talent and the will to fight back? Romancing the Globe

Let me love you,
Let me say that I do,
If you’ll lend me your ear,
I’ll make it clear
The way that I do.
Let me whisper it,
Let me sigh it,
Let me sing it, my dear,
Or I will cry it.
Let me love you,
Let me show that I do,
Let me do a million impossible things
So you’ll know that I do.
I’ll buy you the dawn
If you’ll let me love you today,
And if that’s not enough,
I’ll buy you the first of May,
And tomorrow I'll send you
Merrily on your way.
-Bart Howard, Let Me Love You (music by Howard)

Friday, November 11, 2005

In the middle nineteenth century, Jay Gould's Erie Railroad fought with Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt's New York Central. In one battle, Vanderbilt lowered the rate for hauling steers from Buffalo to New York from $125 to $100 per carload. Gould counterattacked, lowering Erie's rate to $75. Vanderbilt then went to $50, then Gould to $25. Vanderbilt filled every car when he lowered his rate to a rock bottom one dollar. Unfortunately for the Commodore, the cattle he was carrying were Gould's. Gould had bought up every steer he could find in Buffalo and shipped them on Vanderbilt's railroad. Vanderbilt had made the mistake of believing that his objective was to carry the most beef on the hoof, while Gould didn't lose sight of the real objective - to make money."

Here are some thoughts and reminiscences of Jan Sokol, prominent Czech intellectual. The Czech Republic and the Future of European Politics

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: Mikhail Gorbachev on Perestroika, 20 years later
Your policies of “perestroika” and “new thinking” on global affairs were announced 20 years ago this summer. How do you evaluate their accomplishments and failures now?

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, now heads Green Cross International. He spoke with Carlos Gardels and Nathan Gardels July 8 at the Gorbachev Foundation headquarters in a modern bank building on the outskirts of Moscow. In the summer of 1985, he first announced his ideas of “new thinking” and “perestroika.”

Perestroika’s greatest achievement was to awaken and liberate the mind [ On the Wal-Mart Money Trail ; Wal-Mart: is this the worst company in the world? It is the biggest private employer in America ; Wal-Mart turns in student’s anti-Bush photo ]
• · Frank Furedi on how the French riots reveal the political exhaustion of Europe French lessons for us all ; Steven Levitt on rational choice and voting: There's no good economic rationale for going to the polls. Why Vote? ; Michael D. Yates' keynote speech atHow Unions Matter in the New Economy in Toronto, 28-29 October 2005 Do Unions Still Matter?
• · · EJ Dionne on a vision check for the Democrats. Vision Check for the Democrats ; Billy Joel was on to something when he sang "Only the Good Die Young." Sweet Dreams for America's Ruling Elite and their Sycophantic Loyalists
• · · · A look at the long history of US politicians’ denial of their country’s imperial reach An empire in denial ; The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, a private eye ... The last low-rent office building in downtown D.C. smokes out the National Organization for Women
• · · · · Wellesley's Thomas Cushman on Democracy and its enemies ; The impasse of the authoritarian command economic systems in the communist zones of the 1970s brought a great deal of rethinking about economic planning and co-ordination in non-market societies within the East Bloc and outside Democratic Economies
• · · · · · From Multinational Monitor, a series of articles on The People’s Triumphs over Corporate Power Victories! Justice! ; This morning as I was driving to work I heard HoWARd say (in reference to the Paris riots) that he saw a direct correlation between highly regulated labour markets and high unemployment. Pile-up in Western Sydney

Thursday, November 10, 2005

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up

This fall, Senator Barbara Boxer of California and Richard A. Clarke, the ubiquitous counterterrorism expert, became the latest inductees into an elite political fellowship, one that doesn't discriminate on the basis of party affiliation, security clearance, home state or prayer breakfast attendance: the politico-novelist set Political Fictions

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: The rules of sarcasm
They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Yeah, right. Assuming "they" are the same experts who tell us "Look before you leap" and "He who hesitates is lost", then I think we all know how incisive and invaluable their advice is. What would we do without it?

Sarcasm is so ubiquitous these days, it almost goes unnoticed. But, as David Beckham proved, when he was sent off this week for seemingly clapping a referee who had just booked him, not everyone is a fan. The trick is to use sarcasm intelligently, and sparingly

The tricks of Sarcasm [ Researchers to uncover secrets of Gladstone's library ; It is quite something to live in an age of riotous immorality, and yet to be accounted the most dissolute individual of the time Johnny Depp and the Libertines: The history behind his new role ]
• · American political novels have suffered from a case of ''arrested development. Beltway belles-lettres ; Carrying a Maya Angelou or having an Alice Walker poke out of your rucksack signalled cultural sensitivity in a far more effective way than a Nuclear Power Nein Danke badge on your denim jacket Books can be badges — and beacons, too
• · · Like Australia, the United States of America has absorbed countless cultural influences through hundreds of years of immigration. But Americans have also developed their own unique forms of expression, jazz being the most obvious. And they've contributed more than anyone to the development of modern dance. Now a new documentary, called simply Rize, reveals the latest step in this evolution Film: Rize ; The more pornographic our society becomes, the more it loses interest in procreation. As a result of the constant onslaught of stimuli, female desire in particular is faced with irreconcilable paradoxes. And men leave the role of the hunter to women From Pornography to Withdrawal
• · · · Sports and philosophy go hand-in-hand It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up ; We have determined the 100 things that most make you quiver like a schoolgirl 100 things that make us scream
• · · · · The secret of impressive writing? Keep it Plain and simple ; Most people would prefer life in prison to being executed. This does not show that death is a superior deterrent to life in prison because: Moral Choices
• · · · · · Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography Why the United States needs opinionated loudmouths Ideological Warfare ; From Australia, a review of Telling the Truth about Aboriginal History ; How does one locate exciting works of history?: Historians' Triumphs

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

If you want to appear like you're at the cutting edge of net culture but can't be bothered to spend hours online, then never fear Lazy Guide to Net Culture: Make this a blog?

The Blog, The Press, The Media: CEOs warm to blogs

But are still shy of blogging about their own jobs...

Despite the media’s new-found obsession with all things blog, you may still be asking what it actually means to the discerning on-line music fan. Well, basically, a blog is an on-line journal you can customise, the format of which has been taken on by music fans world-wide in order to spread their love of music.

Blogging: What You Need To Know... [ Now anyone can blog; E-Marketers Descend on New York for ad:tech ]
• · The Cliopatria Awards recognize the best history writing in the blogosphere The 2005 Cliopatria Awards Nominations ; Ontario man's blog of 'mashups' draws fans of Google maps
• · · Rupert Murdoch discusses the Internet, satellite television and The Wall Street Journal. Bring It On! ; Blogging confessions
• · · · The days of carefree blogging are over. As more and more blogs get into the public domain, the danger of being sued can only increase Bloggers beware! Big brother's watching;
• · · · · A story about an Ohio politician who allegedly plagiarized a blogger has fueled an interesting online debate over whether there should be a political price to pay Politician plagiarizes blogger, so what? ; So a Sherrod Brown staffer used some lines from one of my blog posts. Who frigging cares? Becoming Part of Sherrod Brown Campaign Story; Congressman's office takes back plagiarism acknowledgment
• · · · · · Blog details suspect’s night life, galpal ; The engines, namely Google, are striking back at sploggers and their malevolent creations, the splogs. Blog Wars: Attack Of The Splogs

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

G day. Webdiary represents diversity of opinions and Irfan Yusuf’s new piece on how at 5:00 am this morning Sydney was burning

Diversity means different things to different people and the blogs I read value All People. Diversity is 'otherness' or those qualities that are different from our own and outside the group to which belong. There are many dimensions to diversity such as age, ethnicity, gender and other qualities that can be changed such as marital status, income, educational background, geographical location and work experiences. Diversity means more than just acknowledging or tolerating difference. Diversity is a set of conscious practices that involve appreciating interdependence of cultures. To me diversity means sharing all kinds of stories at Media Dragon. The concept of diversity encompases acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique. The whole wide world of the internet is moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the RICH dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. Who could be more diverse than Shel and Robert ;-)

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: An Interview with God
What would you like to ask God?

The beautiful and powerful presentation that has inspired
millions will bring you closer to God

God is Light: Beautiful Flash presentation [A study links information and communications technology to political 'place-making' efforts A sense of place ; From Business Week, a cover story on Ikea: How the Swedish retailer became a global cult brand. Ikea ]
• · Cross City Tunnel scandal threatens to sweep up the former premier, two of his ministers and the state' Scandal hits premier's men ; Real estate is a national obsession in Australia but this week comes warnings that the market may be in for hard landing. Prices have already come off 10 percent in Sydney Safe as houses ; According to this premise, when a real-estate bubble bursts, It smells like syrup
• · · Who deserves to be a citizen? Migrant Worry ; Ex-communist countries are competing hard in the global education bazaar From Marx to marketing
• · · · What Chou En Lai said about the French Revolution holds for the Russian as well: Too soon to judge (subscription req) ; After Nov. 1, 1755, the new Lisbon would be a monument to the Enlightenment, a living metaphor of effective government. Stirred, Not Shaken
• · · · · An article on the demise of Canadian ideas Intellects can't be public without good magazines ; Christian pacifists ignore the true ambitions of terrorists Peace Now
• · · · · · Francis Fukuyama knows how to toss out an idea that, like a baby rattle, is big enough for small minds to hold onto. History in the Remaking ; The conservatives may look to be imploding at the moment, but liberals have a serious long-term problem that won't go away Can We Talk?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Toby Bloomberg links to advice for new bloggers

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Links of Love: Blogging the Enteprise Conference: The [Re]Play by Play
Bloggers from enterprises both large and small were in attendance along with a cabal of PR flack trying to get their arms around this whole blogging "thing" (it's a phenomena, people, not the Creature from the Black Lagoon) -- and the discussion was quite good: very forward thinking with lots of great questions.

John Moore from the Brand Autopsy reminded us that blogging can make "small companies big, and big companies small," and Shel Israel, co-author with Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble of the coming blogging tome "Naked Conversations" did some great real-time blogging during the event (Shel, how do you cover so much ground so quickly typing with those two index fingers???) even as he also participated in a panel and led us down the path of blogging righteousness in a full-on pitch that identified blogging's "sinners and winners."

Find, Listen, Engage, Empower [ What would Jesus blog? blogs4God.com of course! 15,000 Blogs Added to Topix.net Database ; Web logs, usually considered the domain of alienated adolescents and home for screeds from middle-aged pundits, are gaining a foothold as a new leisure-time option for senior citizens Senior citizen bloggers defy stereotypes ]
• · Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion has started The Skin Cancer Blog; A business blog consultant loves his business; A rich entrepreneur with a blog network is set to make even more money
• · · Beware of the Blog, It Creeps... ; News Flash: Teens are blog savvy
• · · · Bloggers Blog discusses the blogging for money bubble; Can you avoid the blog bash; Business Opportunities Weblog
• · · · · Entrepreneur's Journey two of my favorite business blogs; Lee Hopkins asks if multi-tasking reduces productivity; A business blogger gets sued by a bad business
• · · · · · Everyone wants to rank well for what they consider to be their ideal keyword phrases Is it Smart to chase rankings? ; DigitalGrit Launches Business Blog Service

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Let me make a prediction. Five years from now, the blogosphere will have developed into a powerful economic engine that has all but driven newspapers into oblivion, has morphed (thanks to cell phone cameras) into a video medium that challenges television news, and has created a whole new group of major companies and media superstars. Billions of dollars will be made by those prescient enough to either get on board or invest in these companies. At this point, the industry will then undergo its first shakeout, with the loss of perhaps several million blogs — though the overall industry will continue to grow at a steady pace.
And, at about that moment, Forbes will announce that the blogosphere is the Next Big Thing for investors.
-Boing Boing

Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble's musings about Life, Love and Everything Else ... Advice To My Step-Son as He Begins His Blogging Adventure

Art of Naked Conversations and Blogging Educating Steve Forbes about Honest and Naked Conversations
Well the saga continues. After Forbes Dan Lyons did a cover story likening bloggers to a lynch mob, all 20 million of us met secretly last week in my backyard.

Shel and Robert ere ready to string him up, but no one remembered to bring any rope, so I published an open letter to Lyons. A day earlier, Steve Rubel had suggested Dan read Naked Conversations so that topically, he could learn the difference between an elbow and a buttock.

The future will make liars out of blogless PR [Shel Israel on lynch mob An Open Letter to Forbes Magazine ; If markets are conversations. And blogs are the power tool of that, how are you gonna pull off having a conversation with a moos? Naked Conversations will actually have some new content in it, and not just be a re-hashing of what we've been reading on the web over the past year ; Get over Command and Control PR ]
• · Richard Dudley This seems like a perfect time for anyone at Sony to read Chapter 13, "Blogging in a Crisis" (Maybe Shel or Scoble will e-mail them a PDF of the chapter) Naked Conversations Comes To Life ; Ken Yarmosh: If I were to be on the back cover of Naked Conversations, what quote would be attributed to my name Naked Conversations
• · · Neville Hobson Naked Conversations Is A Cracking Read; Randy Holloway: Executive blogging matters- the more senior people in your organization that join the conversation, the more impact you'll have. Passion & Authority- A review of Naked Conversations
• · · · Jeff Clavier Naked Conversations: why corporate blogging is for you - indeed ; Adrian Kingsley-Hughes Naked Chefs
• · · · · Jack Nork ; Dan Farber An antidote for blogs attacks
• · · · · · Jozef Imrich A Small Virtual Key Open Big Door ; Jason Boog Why Corporate Blogs Are Boring (and How to Fix Them)
• · · · · · · James Governor: Shel says the way we live and govern is not about rich and poor, us and them, red and blue, rather it should be about decency; making a contribution My inaugural Got The Funk award goes to... ; James Governor: Shel has a widespread readership, which could be significantly magnified by the Scoble effect Could Shel push up Sun's share price? bloggers and stock pickers ; Backbone Blogging Survey Blogger Relations Is Not Public Relations
• · · · · · · · Pencil Bros. Geology, Inc. VistaDB Takes A Page From Naked Conversations ; Shel Israel: Ever since you broke Kryptonite's nine months of silence and joined the conversation at Naked Conversations, you have been doing a remarkable job on behalf of your company - Not only does the blogosphere need more “good, intelligent conversation,” as you put it, the whole world needs it Open Letter to Donna Tocci: Time to Blog ; Shel Israel at Naked Conversations liveblogs the Blogging Enterprise event: If you are not participating in the conversation the silence is deafening. That goes back well before Cluetrain. IBM was active on Compuserve chat. In a way, we've come full circle except now the audience are much bigger Shel Israel's notes from Blogging Enterprise

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Living in (Sydney or) New York is like being at some terrible late-night party. You’re tired, you’ve had a headache since you arrived, but you can’t leave because then you’d miss the party.
-Simon Hoggart, America: A User's Guide

Random House has announced another big step beyond traditional publishing with the creation of long-term "creative and strategic filmmaking partnership" with Focus Features, the division of NBC Universal run by David Linde and James Schamus. Together the companies will develop, co-finance and co-produce "a substantial slate of feature films for theatrical release" based on books published by Random House, where "rights are available and can be acquired." The films will be jointly owned by the two companies, with Focus controlling worldwide sales and distribution rights Random House Enters Film Business

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers:
I’m very interested in the interface between philosophy and psychiatry. For me, a lot of the great writers and philosophers that I’ve read, including people like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, people who’ve straddled philosophy and psychology like Sartre and Camus have a lot to teach us about that

Literature meets philosophy meets psychotherapy when Ramona Koval speaks with Irvin Yalom, the author of The Schopenhauer Cure. As well as being a novelist, Irvin Yalom is emeritus professor of psychiatry at Stanford University. His latest book, like his previous titles When Nietzsche Wept and Lying On The Couch, reflects his day job and interest in marrying the ideas of great philosophers with those of psychiatry

• Thanks to G The Schopenhauer Cure [Deep in The Goebbels Diaries A little light reading with Joseph Goebbels ; My old Daddy used to say: You walk around a horse once It’s about the same with a man or a woman ]
• · The first thing they did when we came was to put us in refugee camps and ... Do me a favour, will you, everybody ? Find a little crazy streak in you. Think up a trauma or two if need be. I don't want to lose my job The Ministry of Pain ; False Maps
• · · New Orleans’s civic shame is not racism or poverty but a culture of murder so vicious that it terrorizes and numbs the whole city Who’s Killing New Orleans? ; A world becoming more peaceful?
• · · · PDF version: Rewire your head: learning to navigate the future ; Arthur Koestler was a lone wolf, better at annoying and offending people than making and keeping friends Arthur Koestler
• · · · · The man who invented album covers Make 'em sing; A mighty voice from the past
• · · · · · The other good thing about sex We need sex ; Amazon.com has previewed a service to sell just a few pages or chapters of a Cold River Amazon takes page out of iTunes book ; Unattached, sober and working like a navvy, the wild child of Brit art has even discovered moisturiser. Stephanie Bunbury meets Tracey Emin Bad girl brought to book

Friday, November 04, 2005

I was trying to think of a way to make the point that this whole war is such a waste. But I also wanted to honor the troops I believe our government wrongly sent to Iraq Luckovich spent 13 hours working on his "Why?" cartoon
(Mike Luckovich's Wednesday editorial cartoon has the hand-written name of every American soldier killed in Iraq)

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: The Polish autumn
The double election victory of the Law & Justice party has left Poland’s leading political actors embracing new friends and old enemies, finds Adam Szostkiewicz.

From Open Democracy, the double election victory of the Law & Justice party has left Poland’s leading political actors embracing new friends and old enemies

Polish political sclerosis [French people’s impatient distrust of their ruling class is a symptom of a deep political and Social malaise ; Latin Americans do not want to go back to dictatorship but they are still unimpressed with their democracies Democracy's ten-year rut]
• · Byelection hopefuls quizzed on sex life ; Economist.com Cities Guide: Sydney Briefing - October 2005
• · · James Q. Wilson to Californians: Lawmakers stole your vote; Research Service, Parliament of New South Wales Industrial relations reforms: the proposed national system
• · · · Essential liberties are lost in imitation ; An overview of the effectiveness of closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance
• · · · · George Williams surveys the High Court career of Justice Michael McHugh Democracy and the High Court ; The political process is being used to wage a civil war in Iraq, writes Derek Woolner War by other means
• · · · · · Will Howard investigate seditious leaks on terror scare against his public wishes? (rhetorical question) ; Webdiary

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory
-Albert Schweitzer

Comrade Pavlik: The Rise and Fall of a Soviet Boy Hero by Catriona Kelly A Little Swine

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: Tough Bunnies
Two academics decide to take a scholarly approach to Playboy's playmate prose

First surprise: Playboy centerfolds are tough, say two social psychologists who did a content analysis of the biographical text that runs with the photographs of Playboy's playmates.
Second surprise: There's text with those centerfold spreads?

Unconventional Wiz is shocked, shocked! [A look at research on avoiding the Desperate Housewives syndrome ; A nation of sidewalk publishers ]
• · From empty shell marriage to realising that trials give you strength, sorrows give understanding and wisdom ... Remember sadness is always temporary. This, too, shall pass are you ready to be happy? Secrets of Meditation e-course ; As the alcoholic says, my best friend is the bottle Happiness, Depression and Self-Esteem
• · · Ugly Feelings is a thought provoking book in the aesthetics of negative feelings with insightful reflections upon the social and experiential impact of artistic creations Negative emotions ; Have you heard the one about the new trend in standup comedy? Cleanliness. Good money is being made by unsmutty comics like those represented by Cleancomedians.com. There Once Was a Man From Nantucket . . ; The Faith-Based Encyclopedia
• · · · And on unearthing books embedded in pop culture (Watch out Weezer) ; Rethinking the debate on Male traditionalists who wring their hands at the "grim" lives of young women Empathy and Choices ; Summer in Vienna?
• · · · · From Salon, what do you get when you design a condom that men want to use? Sued. Inside the twisted patent battle over prophylactics ; Severed foreskins have all sorts of adventures Precision circumcisions
• · · · · · I wouldn't presume to advise beautiful and wealthy celebrities how to get along in life, and yet I think someone—some agent or manager or kabbalah rabbi—ought to lay down the law: No video cameras in the bedroom Porn of the Gods ; Lapping it up: What price a good time? ; Living With Debt a report on Americans' changing attitutes

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Charges related to alleged corporate hacking in Australia claimed a high-profile scalp this week as Nick Morris, chief executive of ACIL Tasman, elected to step away from the helm CEO steps down over email scandal

The Blog, The Press, The Media: Single Source, Multi-Channel Publishing
XML publishing of the "Go-To" Guides at Time Out New York, edocmagazine

Published in major cities throughout the world, Time Out is an international brand. Since launching over 35 years ago, Time Out's weekly magazines and city guides have become the leading source of information for English-speaking residents and visitors.
Time Out opened its New York offices in 1995. Today, our weekly magazine, which we brand as "the obsessive guide to impulsive entertainment," is the essential and most comprehensive listings publication in New York. It is considered the "go-to" guide for discovering the hottest things to do in the city each week. Time out New York's strong brand and unrivaled reputation for significant and reliable information continues to drive expansion. Locally, Time Out launched Time Out New York Kids in 2004, and launched its sister magazine, Time Out Chicago, in 2005

The Need for Multi-Channel Publishing [Jonathan Rauch on the political dot-com boom: On the Web, business finds a new way of doing politics. political dot-com boom; Dot Digital ]
• · DG researchers study the culture, practice and innovation of building congressional web sites - the web sites can become a one-stop shop for constituent services Mr. Smith Goes Out On the Web ; Good advice for bloggers: Blogging for older readers
• · · I’m feeling quite grown up today - I’ve recently hired an accountant and today we’re getting together to talk company structures, bookkeeping, tax and the like Blogging as a Business - Business Structures are Key ; Value Added Blogging
• · · · A 16-year-old girl under arrest for poisoning her mother in Japan with the toxic chemical thallium recorded the deterioration of her mother on her blog Blog-murder ; What do Blogs Bring to Knowledge Management and Communication within the Enterprise? – KM Forum
• · · · · Gianna walk the talk ; A bold new approach to learning about legal blogging Join Your Colleagues At BlawgThink 2005
• · · · · · Publishers Offer Wider Public Access to Online Medical Literature ; Web logs are the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective. Their potent allies in this pursuit include Google and Yahoo Who is Pamela Jones? Forbes Attacks Blogs

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Is the Prime Minister misusing the Government's Senate majority by rushing to introduce two major pieces of legislation? Emperor Howard

Eye on Politics & Law Lords: Terror defence, or slur?
In what is perhaps the most bizarre business idea to spring up since the 9/11 attacks, an American entrepreneur is trying to show that, in the fight against terrorism, the pen is mightier than the sword

An American entrepreneur is trying to show that, in the fight against terrorism, the pen is mightier than the sword

Revenge [Villawood hunger strike into its 10th day ; Heavy weapons in the home of democracy ; What use is the CIA? asked Richard Nixon. They’ve got 40,000 people over there reading newspapers. Not a bad idea, actually Reexamining the Distinction Between Open Information and Secrets ]
• · Mate! Citizens, aliens and ‘real Australians’: the High Court and the case of Amos Ame ; Peter Mares and Nic Maclellan argue that it’s time to create opportunities for lower skilled workers in our region Knocking on Australia’s door ; World Bank: Doing Business database
• · · More splits for Labor? ; Marc Mauer: Experience from the US suggests that prisoners should keep the right to vote Disenfranchising criminals is bad for democracy
• · · · Derek Woolner: The political process is being used to wage a civil war in Iraq War by other means ; Police probe Liberal Party fraud claims ;Nicolaou chosen to contest Brogden's seat
• · · · · John Singleton made a Fabian Society speech on Labor's chances of winning in 2007; The NSW Police Integrity Commission is probing suggestions that police phone tap warrants used to snare 12 of the so-called exam scammers were obtained using false or misleading information Police watchdog bitten by scandal
• · · · · · You've bought your home and now you want an investment property. So, do what millions have done before you - borrow the money, buy an apartment and write off the interest against your tax. In this special series we debate whether so-called negative gearing is wrong The great Aussie dream - take two ; Sedition, or How I Learned to Love Howard's Terrorising Legislation ; Bibliography of News and Gov. Docs on Libby Indictment

All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.
- Goethe

The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it Woody Allen

Art of Living & Literature Across Frontiers: Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering
It was only in the last few weeks I developed the spine to look myself deeply and passionately in the eye if I fail at something.

Why is it that our relationship fail? Divorce does not discriminate. No matter who you are or where you live it is fair to say you will know someone who has divorced. For 21 years friends wondered how Lauren and I stay together, with so many divorces around us. And a good friend of ours last year observed, 'It's simple. They have a lot in common. They're both in love with the same (wo)man ... (mmmwwaaaa vs. Hyacinth ;-)' This goes a long way, I think, toward explaining why I have discovered emotional minefields, motivational swamps and creative wildernesses ... In a strange way, Clint Eastwood sentiment rings deep inside me: ‘There's only one way to have a happy marriage and as soon as I learn what it is I'll get married again.’

• Many men find themselves beginning a new life as separated fathers with little or no support from friends or family Obstacles are things that a person sees when they take their mind off their goal ; The only ground for divorce in Australia is irretrievable breakdown of marriage. This is shown by separation for a period of 12 months with no prospect of reconciliation. Grounds for Divorce]
• · Separation is a stressful time for individuals and families. Separation and divorce are steps of great significance. If you believe your relationship has fundamental and insoluble problems, and you wish to discuss the best way forward with someone else, remember that there are a wide range of non-Government services available to you You should make your own assessment of their suitability for your needs ; Humpty Dumpty’s “When I use a word it means just what I choose,” will hardly do, Alice thought. Antonin Scalia has to agree Law & Language
• · · 21 ways to guide your children through divorce Allow your children, as well as yourself; time to adjust to the new order of things. Expect erratic outbursts of temper, tears and periods of tiredness. Your children are probably experiencing a whole range of emotions, from fear through to anger, and this is their way of expressing their feelings Feelings ; Dying for Love
• · · · Telling the Children? ; Good relationships are good for you
• · · · · Forget about loving thy neighbour. Most people don't even trust them. A matter of trust ; Does a monument to the civil rights struggle at Ole Miss need to be Positive?
• · · · · · Former Labor Health Minister Neal Blewett has broken ranks with ALP insiders to sing the praises of The Latham Diaries in this month's Australian Book Review From Colossus to Galapagos Duck ; Richard Posner says he’s like his cat: “cold, furtive, callous, snobbish, selfish, and playful, but with a streak of cruelty Judging Richard

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nowhere in the world have I encountered a festival of people that has such a magnificent appeal to the whole nation. The Cup astonishes me.
-Mark Twain

Melbourne Cup Day is Australia's most famous Tuesday. It's a day when the nation stops whatever it's doing to listen to the race call, or watch the race on TV, and even those who don't usually bet, try their luck Spring Racing Carnival

Melbourne Cup: The race that stops a nation
The Melbourne Cup is Australia's major annual thoroughbred horse race. The race that stops a nation, as it has been called, is for three-year-olds and over, and covers a distance of 3,200 metres.

The race has been held on the first Tuesday in November since 1861 in Melbourne, Australia. The race is held at Flemington Racecourse by the Victoria Racing Club. It is run as a "weight-for-age handicap", in which the weight of the jockey, and riding gear is adjusted with ballast to a nominated figure. Older horses are given more weight than younger ones, and weightings are further adjusted according to the horse's previous results

Melbourne in grip of Cup fever

The worst thing about Iranian blogs is that they're written in Persian and as far as I know, only a small percentage of readers of this blog can read Persian 'We Are Iran': A book on blogs in Iran

The Blog, The Press, The Media: What Dave Winer said
I love podcasting because it turns us all into investigative journalists of our own lives

A great story on podcasting being created by real folks (and the equipment they use). Not the cliché story on how podcasting has been taken over by big media companies. Also, it seems to have more outbound links embedded in the story than a typical NYT piece

Rex Hammock's Weblog [And Now, the Prosecutor
Critic: Fitz came across as a good guy during press session ; Can journalism survive the digital revolution? Online writers can quickly become slaves to instant ratings The Shlock of the News ; Murdoch: "Oh, the Voice, the bane of my existence!" ]
• · No blogger should get ANY ideas about attacking Forbes Magazine. Nope, NOBODY! Woops I spoke too soon Forbes Magazine is Dumb ; Republican senatorial candidate's campaign describes the doctored photograph as 'gutter racism' Blogger defends doctored pic of Steele in minstrel makeup
• · · The News Media: Novel Strategy Pits Journalists Against Source Lewis Libby ; Teens wear their hearts on their blog
• · · · This is the seventh in a series of "How I Got That Story" interviews featuring the winners of the 2005 AltWeekly Awards Newsman figured something bad would follow his Pulitzer ; I talked with Mike Wallace, whose new memoir, "Between You and Me,'' is about his career as a journalist, by phone on Wednesday. We didn't forge a friendship Wallace gets testy with writer when quizzed about book title
• · · · · All is woe and darkness in the house of media. If you were measuring journalists' public standing on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, right now we're in less-than-zero territory, thanks to The New York Times and its dodgy handling of the Plame spy case The real lesson of NYT scandal isn't that the media are evil ; Seattle Times says VV-New Times deal is bad for democracy
• · · · · · They're seen alternately, if not simultaneously, as egotistical mavericks and missionaries for the common good, dogged and narrowly single-minded, plainly biased and skillfully faceless, self-advancing celebrities and celebrity-proof, demi-saints and fallen sinners Journalists have remained figures of inherent fascination ; When will Tony Ridder stop screwing with the newspapers I love? If Gene Roberts were dead, he'd be rolling in his grave