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Examined Life or Imposter Syndrome?

 A history of FLICC: the 5 techniques of science denial Cranky Uncle. FLICC: Fake experts, Logical fallacies, Impossible expectations, Cherry picking, and Conspiracy theories. With handy diagrams. 

Sydney’s favourite question’: Where the city’s powerbrokers went to school

In 2019, she connected with someone on the social media platform through the "find nearby" option during a university networking event with the intention of building her professional connections.

"Previously, I thought like it was pretty innocent, nothing to worry about," Layla said.

After she connected with the man, she felt she was starting to build her network.

"He just messaged me saying that he thought that I had really cool ideas and wanted to get to know me further," she said.

Layla and the person she connected with on LinkedIn texting.
Layla first thought her encounter with the man on LinkedIn was "innocent"

Women are calling out unwanted advances on LinkedIn

Can't Get You Out of My Head (TV series): Adam Curtis not related to Jacqui

Neuroscientists Have Discovered a Phenomenon That They Can’t Explain The Atlantic. No, not consciousness. “Representational drift.”

Fermi’s Other Paradox Caitlin Johnstone

  1. Hegel’s Social and Political Philosophy, by Thom Brooks.
  2. Margaret Fuller, by Daniel Howe.


  1. Galileo Galilei, by Peter Machamer and David Marshall Miller.
  2. Peter John Olivi, by Robert Pasnau and Juhana Toivanen.
  3. Civil Disobedience, by Candice Delmas and Kimberley Brownlee.
  4. Marsilius of Inghen, by Maarten Hoenen.
  5. Lord Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury), by Michael B. Gill.
  6. Scientific Method, by Brian Hepburn and Hanne Andersen.
  7. Physicalism, by Daniel Stoljar.
  8. Moral Anti-Realism, by Richard Joyce.


  1. Giordano Bruno, by Paul Richard Blum


  1. Ian Thomson (New Mexico) reviews The Disintegration of Community: On Jorge Portilla’s Social and Political Philosophy, with Translations of Selected Essays, by Carlos Sánchez and Francisco Gallegos.

1000-Word Philosophy      ∅

Project Vox    ∅

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media  

  1. Gordon Marino reviews Sick Souls, Healthy Minds, by John Kaag at Commonweal. 

Compiled by Michael Glawson

BONUS: Examined Life or Imposter Syndrome?

  1. “Looking back, when did you feel like you had made your mark in the field?” “I have not reached that point yet.” — Amartya Sen (Harvard) is interviewed about his life, education, and work
  2. What’s so bad about the literary dominance of white men? — figuring out the answer isn’t as easy as you might think, says Rachel Fraser (Oxford)
  3. “A lot of times, the value of a thing in our lives is not just what it presents, on its face, as its function” — Zoom makes communication efficient, and efficiency has its costs, writes C. Thi Nguyen (Utah)
  4. “With this series of adversarial collaborations, neuroscientists will get closer to understanding consciousness and how it fits into the physical world while improving scientific practices along the way” — empirically testing the predictions of different theories of consciousness (via Brian Earp)
  5. How to read philosophy with “less eyestrain, consistent annotations, fewer distractions, great mobility, being able to work outside, with much of the haptics of working on paper” — Gregor Bös, a philosophy PhD candidate (KCL), helpfully explains his “e-ink solution for focused reading and writing”
  6. “It’s enough for [scientific papers] to draw attention to an idea that is worth pursuing further—and an idea need not be true, well-justified given all our evidence, nor even believed by the scientist in order to pass that test” — Haixin Dang (Leeds) & Liam Kofi Bright (LSE) on the value of contradictory science
  7. “I want to be somebody who, until the last moment of my life, is absorbing what’s going on around me, learning from it, growing, and shifting” — a video profile of longtime philosopher and relatively new boxer Quill Kukla (Georgetown)

How to stop overthinking

Organised crime case studies- listing some of the ATO's notable successes in the fight against organised crime.


Big tax bill for controversial tycoon Lex Greensill after ATO wins court battle

Serious Financial Crime Taskforce- sets out how the SFCT works

Notice of Data Matching Program - Cryptocurrency 2020-21 to 2022-23 financial yearswill allow the ATO to acquire account identification and transaction data from cryptocurrency designated service providers for the 2021 financial year through to the 2023 financial year inclusively.

The ATO estimates that the records relating to approximately 400,000 to 600,000 individuals will be obtained each financial year.

From geopolitical action to preventing payment, states must come together to halt these criminal actors

JONES DAY PRESENTS®: The Future of Transfer Pricing in ...


Trust Income Streaming | How Streaming Works | Tax Talks

 How to stop overthinking Psyche

Thinking Like an Octopus Counterpunch

China will have destroyed proof of Wuhan coronavirus leak, says former MI6 chief The Telegraph

At G7 Meeting, Narendra Modi Pushes for Lifting Patents on COVID-19 Vaccines The Wire

G7 leaders face biggest climate change decisions in history – David Attenborough BBC

U.K. Defends Leaders Clustering During Pandemic: G-7 Update Bloomberg

The G7 helped to build this low-tax world. Are they really ready to change it? Guardian

Tech Republic: “Sixty-eight percent of companies don’t have a detailed plan for what a hybrid work environment will look like, yet nine out of 10 companies plan to move to some form of this model, according to a McKinsey report. The move to a hybrid work environment—a blend of in-person and remote workplaces—is on the rise since the pandemic proved people can be productive from home, and 83% of workers now want a hybrid workplace. Only 32% of companies have started the conversation about the hybrid workplace, which is leading to anxiety among workers returning to in-person jobs post-pandemic, according to job site FlexJobs. The company has identified 10 red flags that it said could signal a hybrid company will become a toxic place to grow a career…”

Identifying and Tracking SARS-CoV-2 Variants — A Challenge and an Opportunity NEJM

Vaccinated Consumers Are Now About as Likely as the Unvaccinated to Express Comfort With a Return to Normal Morning Consult


CRS Defense Primer: Emerging Technologies