Sunday, December 05, 2021

I write it the way I want to write it

Veronika, Rory, John, Farhana, Jazz … Ooni of glorious food u Nas 

THINK ABOUT THIS: 12 Facts About a 15-Week-Old Unborn Baby You May Not Know - HillFaith Story

Best of 2021: Top 50 Photographs From Around the World

NEWS YOU CAN USE:  The Importance of Communication for Personal Defense.

Walking is not only free and can be done without workout gear, its many health benefits include reducing our risk of heart diseasetype 2 diabetes and depression.

“It has anti-inflammation benefits, reduces cancer risk, improves physical functions, and prevents falls,” Ding says. “Physical activity also promotes better mental health, prevents cognitive declines. These benefits still apply to step counts, however, few studies have teased this out.”

7500 steps

 Q & A: Lydia Davis 

       In The Observer Anthony Cummins has a Q & A with Lydia Davis: ‘I write it the way I want to write it’
       The occasion is the upcoming publication of her Essays Two, focused on translation; I haven't seen this one yet, but see the publicity pages at Farrar, Straus and Giroux and Hamish Hamilton, or pre-order your copy at or

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage, and at Japan Today they report that World's first NFT of a Japanese novel with English translation hopes to provide profitable opportunity for translators 

(T)wo English versions of the NFT novel, translated by two different translators, are being released on OpenSea simultaneously.

       They suggest:

This project may be a step towards further growth in Japanese novels and literature, encouraging talented translators to work more on Japanese literature by compensating them through the NFT system as their work is worth, and not just solely relying on publishers.

       'Not just solely relying on publishers' sounds promising, but I don't know if this will really catch on. Still, certainly a story worth following. 

Listed in the order I saw them, noting that foreign releases get classified by their USA release year.  And sometimes you will find a review of mine behind the link.

The Dig.  Archaeology and British restraint, circa 1939.

Minari, Korean immigrant family in Arkansas.

Promising Young Woman, black comedy, wow, brutal.

Another Round, Danish film about alcohol.  Against it.

Sweat, fame, social media, and gender, but insightful rather than the usual b.s.

Old, Shyamalan, plot twists and conceptual thought experiments about the biomedical establishment.  Imperfect, but delivers in some significant ways.

Green Knight

Night of the Kings, Ivory Coast prison movie.

Nine Days.  If you were choosing who gets to be born and walk on the earth, which interview questions would you ask them and how would you evaluate their answers?

Ich bin dein Mensch” — should you date a robot?

The Many Saints of Newark

McCartney 3, 2, 1 (Hulu).  Self-recommending and consistently interesting, the best segment is when you get to hear just how much value Paul’s bass line added to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Lamb (Icelandic), one of my favorites for the year.


Get Back, directed by Peter Jackson.  Amazing and epic, my pick for best of the year.  And the whole world is responding.  And read this on the miracle of the production side.