Thursday, December 30, 2021

US Secret Service says $100 billion in Covid aid was stolen through PPP and other fraud - Cyber attack shuts down Belgian defense ministry with Apache Log4J

People overclaiming work-related expenses, accountants encouraging clients to engage in illegal behaviour, and businesses using technology to hide their sales will be the targets of a renewed effort by the  Tax Office that the federal government hopes will bring in an extra $1.2 billion in revenue.

The ATO has confirmed an extra $111 million in funding, contained in the mid-year budget update, will go towards extending efforts to collect personal income tax and boosting its campaign focused on the shadow economy.

Crackdown on tax dodging expected to reap $1.2 billion in extra revenue

This is the story of the incredible cloning tax break.

In 2004, David Baszucki, fresh off a stint as a radio host in Santa Cruz, Calif., started a tiny video-game company. It was eligible for a tax break that lets investors in small businesses avoid millions of dollars in capital gains taxes if the start-ups hit it big.

Once aimed at small businesses, a 1990s-era tax break has become a popular way for Silicon Valley founders and investors to avoid taxes on their investment profits.

A Lavish Tax Dodge for the Ultrawealthy Is Easily Multiplied

Your Thursday sculpture

Borders reopen but expats warned not to expect an ATO welcome wagon

Ayesha de KretserSenior Financial Services Reporter

With Australian borders reopening, returning expatriates and those considering a move overseas are being warned to be aware of looming changes to residency rules and capital gains taxes on assets like the family home

Two major real estate search engines nix crime data in racial equity push.”  Maybe we haven’t reached “peak woke” yet after all.  You have to be out of your mind to believe that it is more “equitable” if home buyers are kept in the dark about crime in the neighborhood that they are investing their life savings (not to mention their actual lives) in.

30 minute audio interview with a convicted online scammer by consumer reporter Herb Weisbaum

T-Mobile says it has blocked 21 billion robocalls this year
Review and recommendation:  I just finished Pandemia, by Alex Berenson, and this apparently tops the NYT best seller list.  I’ve followed Alex through the pandemic, and he has been a close and thoughtful observer of the many mistakes we’ve made throughout its course.  As citizens it is our duty to be informed on important issues, and The Science is, of course and necessarily, a function of learning, disputing, and testing hypotheses.
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