Friday, December 17, 2021

The International ILL Toolkit a crowd-sourced tool for global resource sharing

‘Warehouses in their backyards’: when Amazon expands, these communities pay the priceGuardian 

An Astounding List of Artists Helped Persuade the Met to Remove the Sackler Name New Yorker. The Sacklers did spend a pretty penny on those naming rights.


Here’s the Freakiest and Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Ever Nerdist

OCLC: “Join this webinar The International ILL Toolkit a crowd-sourced tool for global resource sharing on 17 February 2022, Time 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, North America] to learn about the International ILL Toolkit, a freely available, crowd-sourced effort designed to promote and enable greater ease of global sharing among libraries. The International ILL Toolkit is a freely available, crowd-sourced effort, initiated by the OCLC SHARES resource sharing consortium, designed to promote and enable greater ease of global sharing among libraries. Learn about the origins of the Toolkit and how it grew into an elaborate, multifaceted set of resources with contributions from libraries around the world.

Explore the components of the International ILL Toolkit:

  • An ever-growing listing of lenders from around the world with contact, delivery, and payment information
  • Tips and tricks for international ILL by country/region
  • Translated ILL request templates which can be copied for local use, prepared in collaboration with library professionals fluent in that language
  • Finally, get a peek at future plans for the International ILL Toolkit and, perhaps most importantly, participate in the dialogue on ways to continue improving this valuable, evolving resource…”

 This is a short written guide accompanied by gifs – the one that got me was: 5. If you must travel with it, know how to safely pack your gun!

See also LifeHacker for additional information – How to Avoid Getting Flagged By the TSA – Having never traveled with coffee beans I found this advice…interesting…”Although there are no rules against packing coffee powder or beans in your luggage, you may want to avoid doing so, as this can get you flagged by security due to coffee being used to cover up the smell of other illicit substances…”

The PR Industry Has Been a ‘Major’ But ‘Overlooked’ Influence in Climate Politics for Decades, Says Study

PR firms have played a key role in obstructing action on climate change over the past 30 years

LifeHacker 8 of the Worst YouTube Annoyances, and How to Fix Them: “Although you might not immediately think of it as such, YouTube is probably the smartest, most personal source of entertainment that we have. Plus, it’s free. And just like a streaming service, it’s easy to lose a couple of hours in the YouTube app or the website. When you spend so much time using a service, though, you inevitably hit some walls and come across annoyances (some minor, some glaring). Many of them can be fixed though, so if you’re a fan of YouTube, change these settings to make your streaming infinitely better…”

HOW BAD CAN IT BE?  Bros., Lecce: We Eat at The Worst Michelin Starred Restaurant, Ever. “Everything tasted like fish, even the non-fish courses. . . . I’ve checked Trip Advisor. Other people who’ve eaten at Bros were served food. Some of them got meat, and ravioli, and more than one slice of bread. Some of them were served things that needed to be eaten with forks and spoons. We got a tablespoon of crab.”

Also: “Recommendation: Do not eat here. I cannot express this enough. This was single-handedly one of the worst wastes of money in my entire food and travel writing career bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha oh my god.”

Plus: “The next day, one of the staff tried contacting the only single female member of our party via Instagram messages. ‘Hey, I served you last night!’ he wrote. She immediately blocked him.”

Bruce Mehlman of Mehlman Castagnetti – his 29 slide deck is titled Living in Limbo – Anticipating the Top 2022 Risks in Politics & Policy

  • “Uncertainty, volatility & disruption are the new normal.
  • 2022 will neither be the best of times nor worst of times.
  • COVID won’t magically go away nor kill us all.
  • The economy won’t return 1970’s stagflation nor the 1990’s boom.
  • U.S.-China tension neither ends in WWIII nor in Chimerica 2.0.
  • Reality will prove more nuanced & complicated. Leaders need to reassess approaches to risk analysis & preparation:Understand macro trends driving technology, geopolitics & culture.Adapt strategies to survive / benefit from accelerating change.
  • Engage stakeholders proactively to maximize intelligence & alliances
  • …Accelerating Pace of Cyber Attacks Breaching Increasingly Sensitive Systems…”