Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Israeli computer glitch lets people improperly leave the country

Putin and Xi plot their SWIFT escape The Saker

Russia issues its list of demands Guardian 

Looks likes someone did not like this tweet (follow this link, we took a screenshot rather than embedding). Notice dramatic change in headline, which you can also verify from article URL (see here for story)

Smartphones Are a New Tax on the Poor Wired

Search warrants were executed on the homes of a whistleblower who exposed lewd acts, including masturbation on a female MP's desk at Parliament House

Over 6 millions Australians have used myGovID to access online government services, said Stuart Robert, the Minister responsible for digital transformation. 

myGovID, handled by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), is the Australian government's digital identity provider and allows citizens to have their identity verified through a single channel to access government services rather than having to be verified individually by each Commonwealth entity. 

Of that number of myGovIDs, more than half of them -- around 3.3 million -- were created in the past six months, the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) said.

Number of Australians using myGovID doubled to 6 million in past six months The ATO Tax Time period was a factor in the rise in myGovIDs being created this year.

How to Repair a Toxic Work Culture

The importance of team interaction, and avoiding distraction


  • Discovering causes of distraction is key to fixing dysfunction.
  • Team interaction is more important than who the members of the team are.
  • Employees must feel safe to speak freely and share ideas.

1. In nuclear war simulations, most people choose the escalatory options

2. Reddit thread on which are the funniest comedies.  Not many recent movies on that list

3. Charles R. Morris has passed away (NYT)

4. Samosa markets in everything?

5. Has Magnus Carlsen played his last world championship match?

6. Will Mexico City ban bullfighting?

7. A possible theory as to why Omicron might be safer— important if true.

The author is Jimmy Soni, and the subtitle is The Story of Paypal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley.

It is illuminating on start-ups, the earlier history of Silicon Valley, and it is a fair treatment of Peter Thiel.  It is an actual history of the company, based on a great deal of information, rather than a polemic on tech or the company’s founders.

Ball, K., Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance in the Workplace, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2021, ISBN 978-92-76-43340-8, doi:10.2760/5137, JRC125716.

“This report re-evaluates the literature about surveillance/monitoring in the standard workplace, in home working during the COVID 19 pandemic and in respect of digital platform work. It utilised a systematic review methodology. A total of 398 articles were identified, evaluated and synthesised. The report finds that worker surveillance practices have extended to cover many different features of the employees as they work. Surveillance in the workplace targets thoughts, feelings and physiology, location and movement, task performance and professional profile and reputation. In the standard workplace, more aspects of employees’ lives are made visible to managers through data. Employees’ work/non-work boundaries are contested terrain. The surveillance of employees working remotely during the pandemic has intensified, with the accelerated deployment of keystroke, webcam, desktop and email monitoring in Europe, the UK and the USA. Whilst remote monitoring is known to create work-family conflict, and skilled supervisory support is essential, there is a shortage of research which examines these recent phenomena. Digital platform work features end-to-end worker surveillance. Data are captured on performance, behaviours and location, and are combined with customer feedback to determine algorithmically what work and reward are offered to the platform worker in the future. There is no managerial support and patchy colleague support in a hyper-competitive and gamified freelance labour market. Once again there is a shortage of research which specifically addresses the effects of monitoring on those who work on digital platforms. Excessive monitoring has negative psycho-social consequences including increased resistance, decreased job satisfaction, increased stress, decreased organisational commitment and increased turnover propensity. The design and application of monitoring, as well as the managerial practices, processes and policies which surround it influence the incidence of these psycho-social risks. Policy recommendations target at mitigating the psycho-social risks of monitoring and draw upon privacy, data justice and organisational justice principles. Numerous recommendations are derived both for practice and for higher level policy development.”

Electronic monitoring and surveillance in the workplace


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 Israeli computer glitch lets people improperly leave the country
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