Monday, December 20, 2021

ProPublica: More Billionaire Tax Games

 Russia shows no sign of retreat on invading Ukraine Asia Times

Omicron kills in the same way as 'classic covid' in the elderly - exponential oxygen or a more gentle oxygen demand and then death. Lots of back pain and diarrhoea as a feature as well as sore throat. Most of the old who are dying are double vaxed with AZ" This is terrifying

Tens of thousands of people have been temporarily locked out of their ATO Online accounts after a ransomware attack on major payroll software provider Frontier Software last month.

The Australian Taxation Office has taken the precautionary action while it investigates the full extent of the incident, which has seen data from some Frontier Software customers stolen.

The South Australian government is one of the biggest customers to have been caught up in the data breach, with Treasurer Rob Lucas earlier this week confirming nearly 80,000 public servants have been impacted.

Tens of thousands locked out of ATO Online accounts after payroll hack

  • The group responsible for hacking Finite Recruitment, Conti, was also behind a recent cyber attack on South Australian government employees
  • Conti claims to have stolen more than 300 gigabytes of data in this attack
  • Cyber experts say the group is ruthless, sophisticated and becoming more brazen

Coles, Westpac, AMP and Department of Defence caught up in 'significant' data breach of Finite Recruitment

The first person has been charged over an alleged attempt to defraud a New South Wales government scheme of over $500,000.

Strike Force Sainsbery was established in November, made up of detectives from the State Crime Command's Financial Crimes Squad and all Sydney Metropolitan Regions, to investigate fraudulent applications made against the COVID-19micro-business grant scheme.

The team is investigating fraudulent applications to all the latest NSW government financial relief schemes connected to the pandemic and natural disasters

NSW man arrested over alleged $530k fraud of COVID-19 micro-business grant

NSW man accused of trying defraud COVID-19 business relief scheme of more than half a million dollars

Debugging IRS Notice 2014-21: Creating A Viable Cryptocurrency Taxation Plan

ProPublica: More Billionaire Tax Games

It is a common refrain among moderate and progressive Democrats when the subject is white working class voters: “The poor misguided fools. They keep voting against their interests.”

In truth the Democrats are the misguided fools; the working class knows exactly what it is doing. It is voting for anyone—whether Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders—who promises to blow up the current system, a system which favors billionaires and corporations. And when the choice is between a bomb thrower and someone representing the party of Goldman Sachs and free trade, that choice is a no-brainer.

The Working Class is Not Voting Against Its Interests

WSJ: A Couple Stored IRA Gold At Home. They Owe The IRS $300,000.

The Australian Government continues to focus on safeguarding the COVID-19 economic stimulus measures from fraud and make sure help and support goes to those who need it.

Fraud will not be tolerated. In the current crisis, every dollar counts. Every dollar lost to fraud is a dollar that does not support our healthcare system or keep an Australian in a job.

Counter fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic

Service NSW and NSW Police announce Strike Force Sainsbery to investigate grant fraud

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