Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winston Churchill once said, The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.

Bohemian Elizabeth and Media Dragon go a long long way back to 1980s Wild wild Polish Polish at Chrsitophers pad at Bondi ...
Elizabeth Wojciak - Entwined - 09 April - 06 May 2010
. Olga and her Harrison Galleries is in Paddington, the art district of Sydney. The gallery was established in 2000 and has quickly developed into a dynamic and reputable commercial contemporary art gallery. Elizabeth at 123 at Adelaide

Entwined: Get Drawing Versatility is key for Polish eyes ELIZABETH WOJCIAK: Dreams & Hunger: A Manifesto
Elizabeth was born in Poland, and after extensive travelling moved to Australia in the early 1980s, eventually settling in Adelaide. She studied at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design in 2004, majoring in painting and receiving an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. Since her studies, Elizabeth has received several awards including the 2004 MinterEllison Lawyers Rising Star Award and the Art Stretchers Award for Highest Achievement in Painting in 2005.

Elizabeth (Polish friends sometimes refer to Elizabeth fondly as Ela)has also been selected to exhibit in the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, represented ACArt Adelaide at PICA in Perth, WA, and is included in several national and international private collections. Her first solo exhibition in 2008, Recent Works, demonstrated Elizabeth’s expressive and
intuitive approach to painting.

Moving in Artistic circles - Polished Ideas in Images [In these recent works Elizabeth continues to explore her interest and fascination with the human form. While Elizabeth principal concerns are with the formal qualities of drawing and painting, these figure compositions in landscape and interior situations invite the viewer to construct their own narratives ; Even Google who gives Media Dragon ranking of 5 is artistic Google gets Aussie/Polish/Bohemian kids doodling]

• · "Our Culture is obsessed with real events because we experience hardly any." — David Shields Reality Hunger: A Manifesto; Discover the Bohemian Art and you fall in love - Why preserve an artist’s palette? Look for artists at their easels around Media Dragon
• · · Learning about life and love A marriage of Poetry and Painting; Few of us live so strenuously as never to feel a sense of nostalgia for that Saturnian reign to which Virgil and Claude can waft us
• · · · The starving-artist lifestyle may be colorful and appealing for a while, but it gets old fast if you are bunking on a friend’s sofa, living under the same roof you did in junior high and lying awake at night wondering how you are going to repay your staggering five-figure student loan. If nothing changes, the next generation of journalists will give up and move on to entirely different pursuits. And you can’t blame them What do journalists and starving artists have in common?; The well-used phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" was never more apropos than when I journeyed northwest to join The Wild Party, the musical presented by Ohlook Performing Arts Center in Grapevine. Interpretations of PPWP
• · · · · More blasts from the past: Teenage bouncer John Ibrahim (Firass Dirani) saves Kings Cross bouncer 'Hammer' (Salvatore Coco) from being clobbered by drunks, earning him a chance meeting with Kings Cross Boss George Freeman (Peter O'Brien), whose mentor-like advice prompts John to take life changing matters into his own hands. Country girl Kim Hollingsworth (Emma Booth) takes her first steps into prostitution as a result of her abusive boyfriend Trent (Mark Furze) stealing her money. With Politician John Hatton (John Waters) pushing for a Royal Commission, Detective Inspector Dennis Kelly warns Detective Sergeants Jim Egan (Daniel Roberts) and Trevor Haken to clean-up their act, but instead, Jim and Trevor devise a plan to swindle $200,000 from the Federal Police, with the assistance of Drug King Bill Bayeh (Hazem Shammas) and his crew. Surviving a brutal stabbing, John Ibrahim strikes up a deal with a nightclub owner to buy a percentage of the Tunnel Cabaret and finally gets his foot in the door as an entrepreneur.
Underbelly: The Golden Mile; The cops and their mates got away with murder. The Stewart inquiry which I thing was part of a National Crime Authority inquiry into bent NSW cops and another royal commission into police couldn't get them. I reckon when the Wood Royal Commission which reluctantly was set up by the NSW government in late 1994 a few months before an election, thanks to the brave efforts of 4 independent NSW MPs, in particular John Hatton, as after a couple of bi-elections the independents had the balance of power, Justice Wood and his team probably watched the tapes and made a pledge to make sure the bent cops and their criminal mates weren't going to get away with it this time. Like Al Capone they couldn't get Rogerson on his corrupt activites. He got 3 years in 1992, for perverting the course of justice in relation to $110,000 deposited by him in bank accounts under a false name.; NSW political perspective Matilda of Hung Parliament