Sunday, September 26, 2021

Where we’re going - Bohemia

The most popular interior design styles you need to know: Bohemian

Prague has just been voted the most beautiful city in the world

SCIENCE!  Study: More women using marijuana to help ease menopause symptoms.

A Barista’s Tips On How to Make the Best Coffee At Home Using A Machine

Circus Day In Our Town (1949) is an old black-and-white 15-minute film presenting footage from a 1949 circus.  

The film shows clowns putting on their makeup, folks walking around the fairgrounds, many beautiful costumes, and various acrobatic circus acts. I'm thankful that these circus performance scenes are preserved on film, as they are from a fascinating yet controversial subculture of the past. 

From YouTube:

Circus Day In Our Town (1949)

Scenes of a big three-ring circus include the arrival, the parade, unloading, tent raising and highlights of the show itself. This film has amazing footage of a circus coming into a town, the townspeople helping with construction of the circus tents, the clowns preparing for their performance and the variety of circus acts and the crowds viewing them.

NEWS YOU CAN USE:  A year of committed exercise in middle age reversed worrisome heart stiffness.

End of The Guardian Review 

       As Heloise Wood reported at The BooksellerGuardian Review bids farewell after nearly 20 years
       They present it more as a restructuring -- "From next week you can find even more agenda-setting literary journalism in the exciting new Saturday magazine where there will be new columns as well as long-standing favourites in the new Books section" -- but too often these things lead to less coverage. Recall the grandly-announced New York Media to Triple Books Coverage Across Sites Including Vulture and the Cut from a couple of years ago, which lasted ... about a week. 
       We hope for the best ..... 

CENSORSHIP IS EVIDENCE OF WEAKNESS, NOT STRENGTH:  Nicki Minaj asks ‘what in the world scared y’all so much that it made you disable my f*cking Twitter?


Our world will stay weird

Aurea Smigrodzki was born in the USA last summer. She is the latest baby at the forefront of science. She is the first baby in history to be conceived with the help of polygenic testing. The test is fully named “preimplantation genetic testing for polygenic disorders”, or PGT-P for short.

Here is further information, the piece being written by the first IVF baby, which is now forty years ago.

AUSTRALIAN NEWS: “TOTALLY EMBARRASSING.”  “I’ll personally write a check to anyone who can decipher what Joe Biden is trying to convey here.” “How is that man dressing himself, let alone leading the most powerful nation on Earth?”

FEMINISTS ARE ALWAYS YAMMERING ABOUT WOMEN’S UNPAID “EMOTIONAL LABOR.” IT’S TIME MEN GOT PAID TOO: China’s hottest new rental service: Men paid to actually listen. “The sessions cost over 400 yuan ($60) each time, but Zheng says they’re worth every cent.”

 AOC wears ‘Tax the Rich’ dress to Met Gala.

Noise annoys

This and that, starting with the Mystery of Havana Syndrome / art by Doug Reina / twitter digressions on aviation by AeroDork / landscape paintings by Lucy Kent / 25 Wallpaper* artist covers / AIDS in the Art World: A Timeline / The Shock of the New, rendered in indignant verse, c.1913 (via MeFi) / The Infinite Corpse, an ongoing chain comic / folded paper art projects by David Umemoto / small realms by Michael Pederson / run your own ant farm / Ludwig Favre’s photographs of the Amalfi Coast / how to stutter and glitch.