Thursday, September 16, 2021

Confusion and Distrust

 Best of all he loved the fall

the leaves yellow on cottonwoods
leaves floating on trout streams
and above the hills
the high blue windless skies
...Now he will be a part of them forever.

~ Ernest Hemingway's behavior during his final years had been similar to that of his father before he killed himself;[161]his father may have had hereditary hemochromatosis, whereby the excessive accumulation of iron in tissues culminates in mental and physical deterioration. Medical records made available in 1991 confirmed that Hemingway had been diagnosed with hemochromatosis in early 1961.[163] His sister Ursula and his brother Leicester also killed themselves.

Amanda Vaill beautifully portrays three love affairs – including that between Hemingway and Gellhorn – but her book is marred by its Cold War tone

Times of struggle — whether personal or collective, political or existential, or all of the above — can be humbling. We can orient our entire lives around action and results and still run up against the hard reality of that which we cannot control.

The Limits of My Empathy for Covid-DeniersTressie McMillan Cottom, NYT. “I still do not understand how we can be in community with people who, by withdrawing from their social responsibility, are actively harming others.”

You can now buy a $475 NFT ticket to see Beeple’s $69 million NFT at an IRL party.  
The ticket also includes one drink.

Friendly Jordies (Jordan Shanks) has launched an all out assault on the NSW planning system, claiming “property developers are the shadow government of NSW”.

Shanks claims Sydney is being destroyed by mass overdevelopment as thousands of ugly, tacky high-rise apartments mushroom across the city. In turn, Shanks blames the NSW Government, which he claims has been corrupted by the property development industry.

The slow death of Sydney

Confusion and Distrust

Francis FitzGibbon

Port Authority Cop Who Survived 13 Hours Under Collapsed Towers Shares Message of Darkness and Light

A personal take on the collapse of the twin towers.

Meet me behind the mall

Joanna Biggs

Overt Ops

Peter Pomerantsev

‘That Alexey Navalny must be quite someone,’ went a joke on the Russian internet, ‘if he has the secret services washing his underpants.’ Earlier this month, the opposition politician prank-called one of his attempted murderers. The FSB man, believing he was talking to a colleague, explained how his team had smeared Novichok on Navalny’s underpants in August, and then picked up the murder knickers after the operation and washed them (twice) to get rid of the evidence. Not only had Navalny, with the help of investigative reporting by Bellingcat and the Insider, managed to find out the names of the FSB goons who had tried to poison him; he also got one to confess to the operation. It took 49 minutes for the FSB officer to ask if it was OK to be talking on an open line. ‘Look how stupid and corrupt the Kremlin’s system is,’ Navalny said on his YouTube channel after the phone call: another reason to get rid of the regime. The late John le Carré’s world of Soviet superspies, operating silkily in shadows within shadows, has been replaced with a quite different image of Kremlin espionage: bumbling putzes scrubbing a pair of Y-fronts in full view of the world.

20 Years After 9/11, U.S. Global Authority Is Weaker Than Ever Foreign Policy

The Twenty Year Shadow of 9/11: U.S. Complicity in the Terror Spectacle and the Urgent Need to End It Aaron Good, Ben Howard and Peter Dale Scott Covert Action Magazine

A modest proposal: Fire all of the post 9/11 generals Andrew Bacevich, Responsible Statecraft. Why stop there?

9/12 Edward Snowden, Continuing Ed. Langley on the day.

The Falling Man Esquire