Friday, September 10, 2021

Fraud Baking

 News that the British Virgin Islands tax authority is cooperating with the ATO will surely freeze the blood of Karantzis and his associates, including chairman Tim Hart, non-executive director Scott Minehane and company secretary Todd Richards, all of whose own BVI entities were happy recipients of iSignthis performance shares. The case continues.

ATO files evidence in Karantzis case

Would you rather be a failure or a fraud? Judging by the opening statements in Elizabeth Holmes’ wire fraud trial, those seem to be Holmes’ options

Kashmiri Poets Say India Is Censoring Them

Poet Ghulam Mohammad Bhat: "In the last 30 years I have never seen this kind of suppression. ... There is silence everywhere, as if the silence is the best cure for our present crisis." - The New York Times

Scientific fraud vs. art forgery (or, why are so many scientific frauds so easy to detect? Dynamic Ecology (dk). Because incentives!

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WSJ: T-Mobile hacker that stole data on 10 million talks to the Journal
DOJ criminal charges and civil court complaint against US citizen living in Ukraine that posted small charges debiting bank accounts that were wholly bogus; millions lost ; complicated scam
Massachusetts: Four charged with processing $150 million in credit card charges for debt reduction scams, payday lending and online gambling and other high risk areas
 BBB Studies. Here are links to some of the study topics: puppy fraudtech support fraudromance fraud money mulesapartment rentalcrooked moversgovernment impostersonline vehicle sale scamsrental fraud and gift cards.
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