Thursday, September 16, 2021

Cranks and Shills

 Strange idioms

Gladys Berejiklian facing questions about an ongoing investigation into Daryl Maguire

Democracy in decline: Australia’s slide into ‘competitive authoritarianism’

Australia is at a critical point. A Coalition government that would cling to power to impose broadly unpopular policy threatens the very nature of our democracy.

Where The Wisdom Of Crowds Falls Short

Our recent research suggests that while group deliberation can indeed increase the accuracy of forecasts, it can lead you astray when it comes to making a final decision. - Harvard Business Review

Can Australia prosper without Sydney? It’s the diabolical question Gladys Berejiklian is asking of the national economy as she conducts one of the most challenging policy experiments in our history.

There is no margin for error in the NSW Premier’s plan to begin easing health restrictions once the state has vaccinated 70 per cent of its adult population. If she reopens too soon, the remainder of the year will be a write-off. The double dip recession that began in July could easily spill over into 2022, returning us to where we were at the bottom of the lockdown cycle in 2020.

The Big Lie

Eli Zaretsky

Cranks and Shills

Arianne Shahvisi

Around fifteen years ago, a story emerged about Bartali’s activities during the Nazi occupation of Italy. It was said that the great cyclist had saved dozens, perhaps hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Jewish lives, by cycling the eighty-odd miles between Florence, where he lived, and Assisi, a node in an underground network that helped to protect Jews, with forged documents hidden in his bicycle frame.