Wednesday, September 22, 2021

It wasn't an earthquake; that's what big seismology WANTS you to think: Craig Kelly

We demand to know what knew and when did they know it!

For fellow history nerds: the last time Australia had a magnitude 6 or above earthquake was 24 years ago.

Conversation The Chaser @chaser nailed it yesterday
Nation braces for next natural disaster after Scott Morrison goes on vacation 
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This year is getting to the point where we need to sacrifice a goat and wear torn clothes in atonement or perform some Tatranka superstition lover’s dance …

I can’t believe Victoria let the earthquake spread into NSW without an official permit, unbelievable


Monday and Tuesday: freedom fighters and construction workers riots against plague Wednesday: #earthquake … Thursday:

Scott Morrison has made a statement about Melbourne’s earthquake, saying Gladys Berejiklian would never allow an earthquake to happen in Sydney

Scott Morrison has fronted a press conference from Washington DC to provide an update on the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that rocked Melbourneand regional Victoria on Wednesday.

No deaths have been recorded but tremors have been felt as far as NSW and Tasmania with a Melbourne burger restaurant bearing the brunt of the damage

Bizarre moment Scott Morrison fronts press conference on Melbourne earthquake - after days of silence on anti-vax tradies' violent rampage that brought the city to a standstill