Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Malaysia arrests man who claimed 14 relatives died of Covid to collect chartable aid; got donations on Facebook and Whats App

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.

~   Ernest Hemingway 

Australians could be sitting on a small fortune - with new research revealing thousands of dollars worth of unwanted items could be collecting dust in the garage.

New research by online marketplace Gumtree found that savvy Australians stood to make $5300 by selling off old or unwanted items.

New research finds Australian households sitting on thousands of dollars worth of unwanted items

My new BBB in depth study on job scams released today

  • Complaints up 27% from 2019
  • 32% never get paid
  • ID theft common; 24% of victims post their Social Security Number with their resumes
  • Reshipping scams reported by 65% of victims
  • Stolen credit card numbers used to buy goods, have them shipped to victims who repackage them and then them on;often to Russia
  • Fake checks used in job scams;
  • Losses to fake checks continue to grow; half in mystery shopper scams

EU Commissioner and US attorney General hold inaugural meeting to talk ransomware, transnational organized crime
Florida: Three from Peru get prison; ran call center in Peru that called US Spanish speakers and threatened arrest or deportation
Los Angeles:  Telemarketer in toner scam gets four years prison; took in $126 million; defendant in previous FTC case
Atlanta: Nigerian scammer and partner who laundered stolen funds sentenced to prison
  • Scammer hacked tax preparation firms and stole identities
  • Used those to file bogus tax returns and sought refunds
  • Also used stolen identities to get Washington State unemployment benefits
  • Laundered through money orders
  • Had people travel from Zambia to open bank accounts
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