Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2020 Than on Food, Clothing, Healthcare and Entertainment Combined.

 Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2020 Than on Food, Clothing, Healthcare and Entertainment Combined.

JobKeeper a $6.2b 'sugar hit' for larger businesses that didn't take a big revenue hit during the pandemic

How Accounting Giants Craft Favorable Tax Rules From Inside Government Lawyers from top accounting firms do brief stints in the Treasury Department, with the expectation of big raises when they return. 

China responsible for two thirds of state-sponsored cyber attacks

Toronto: Canadians gave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party a victory in parliamentary elections, but his gamble to win a majority of seats appeared to have failed.

The Liberals were on track to win the most seats of any party.

The 49-year-old left-leaning Prime Minister channelled the star power of his father, the Liberal icon and late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, when he first won election in 2015 and now appears to have led his party to the top finish in two elections since. (Unlike in Australia, the Canadian Liberals are a left-wing party.)

Canadians re-elect Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party

She has been a trailblazer’: Angela Merkel, the Queen of Europe, bows out of politics

  • by Bevan Shields

New Emily Oster Covid-19 School Data Hub, valuable

Hedgehogs and foxes, for real, not just the usual b.s.

Power corrupts’: The opportunity missed by Labor parachuting Keneally into Fowler

Five Eyes In Latin America: Australia’s Secret Role In Chile’s Coup Brasilwire

Likely Assassination of UN Chief by US, British and South African Intelligence Happened 60 Years Ago Today Consortium News

Supernova Requiem: Rerun of Massive Blast From Exploding Star Expected To Appear in 2037 Sci Tech Daily

Solar ‘Superflares’ Rocked Earth Less Than 10,000 Years Ago—and Could Strike Again Scientific American

Facebook Says Its Rules Apply to All. Company Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That’s Exempt.WSJ

Crown Heights Armory Pool Offers Kids’ Swimming Lessons — for $50 a Half Hour The City. I noticed this article because it’s not far from our house. Seems to be an outrageous price for “affordable” recreation services – especially something as important as teaching city kids to swim.


10,000 John Deere Workers Poised to Strike – 400 Ketuncky Whiskey Workers Strike – Rural PA Teachers Strike Payday Report


Massachusetts National Guard Activated To Help Deal With School Bus Driver Shortage CBS Boston


When Wall Street came to coal country: how a big-money gamble scarred Appalachia Guardian


Top earning New Yorkers could face 61.2% combined tax rate under House plan, Californians may face 59% rate CNBC


House Democrats take step back from Biden on tax hikes The Hill.


Met Gala 2021: The best memes and reactionsBBC