Saturday, May 01, 2021

Love Truth and Science

Study: Better sleep may mean better sex for older women.

Apocalypse Now


A good friend of mine, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, left Fremantle to run YouTube Europe, Middle East and Africa – and I caught up with her a couple of times recently via the ubiquitous Zoom.


We talked about the phenomenon that YouTube has become and I told her how much I was enjoying reliving memories of music, sports, cultural events from the 60’s and 70’s and she shared with me how the platform was exploding with new Creativity as today’s users were busy creating and sharing new content at an ever increasing pace.


Robin sent me this graphic from The Hustle ( which provided some additional texture around Cecile’s remarks.



  • Over 50 million people now make income from being content creators (three times as many as in 2017).
  • 30% of kids surveyed said they wanted to be YouTubers when they grow up.
  • YouTube alone has paid out $30billion to creators over the later.


Wow.  A boom in the rapidly emerging Creative Economy is up and running.  Brilliant.  Bravo YouTube.  Bravo you young YouTubers.

Love and Symmetry: Poet A. Van Jordan Imagines the Undelivered Feynman Lecture About the Mystery Lying Between Scientific Truth and Human Meaning

Love begins in the streets with vibration and ends behind closed doors in jealousy. Creation and destruction. What do we pray for but the equation that helps us make sense of what happens in our daily lives? What do we believe in if not that which tells us we’re alive? Sex, laughter, sweat, and equations elegant enough to figure on our fingers. Math is spirit and spirit is faith in numbers; both take us to the edge but no further than we can imagine. You don’t believe in math? Try to figure the velocity of Earth’s orbit around the Sun to land a man on the Moon without it. You don’t believe in God? Try to use math to calculate what the eye does every second of any given moment. If Big Blue tried to work that differential equation in our lifetime, it couldn’t. Mysteries inside mysteries in our own bodies of which we can’t make sense, another world waiting for a religion or calculus to explain. Look into any mirror; it’s like sitting in a theater watching a silent movie, but you’re the one pantomiming your story. You think you have this world figured out, but you can’t tell which hand you’re using and using and using. And why do we try?

We try, of course, because curiosity is the true triumph of consciousness; because what Einstein called “the passion fo