Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Multitudes - Computerization, Obsolescense, and the Length of Working Life


We’ve saluted Jobs’ The Crazy Ones and Kerouac’s The Mad Ones. Now it’s time to salute those who think for themselves, and dare to be different.  A doff of the cap to Paul Numi / Peter Corijn (September 11, 2020) who’s new single “Multitudes” was released on May 1st.  Download it here:



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Security firm Kaspersky believes it found new CIA malware The Record

‘It’s Important Americans Don’t Take for Granted They Can Exercise Their First Amendment Rights’FAIR

Law centre says ex-spy Witness J’s case has echoes of authoritarianism and National Security Information Act needs ‘adequate safeguards

Zoom Court Is Changing How Justice Is Served

The Atlantic – “Last spring, as COVID‑19 infections surged for the first time, many American courts curtailed their operations. As case backlogs swelled, courts moved online, at a speed that has amazed—and sometimes alarmed—judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. In the past year, U.S. courts have conducted millions of hearings, depositions, arraignments, settlement conferences, and even trials—nearly entirely in civil cases or for minor criminal offenses—over Zoom and other meeting platforms. As of late February, Texas, the state that’s moved online most aggressively, had held 1.1 million remote proceedings. 

 I was A “Minority Intern” In The 1990s. We Need To Talk About These Programs

“Without long insights into the early diversity programs, our profession cannot address the structural inequities that perpetuate the need for entry-level opportunities targeted for non-white individuals. Museums must acknowledge the stigmatizing, tokenizing, and economic effects of these programs, in addition to the opportunities they offer.” – Hyperallergic

Police Bust Massive Hollywood Ponzi Scheme

Zachary Horwitz collected $690 million from investors for movie deals authorities say were fictitious. The HBO and Netflix contracts he used to convince Russell and others that his business was legitimate were forgeries, the government says. – Los Angeles Times





Poynter and its archives 

NBER – Péter Hudomiet & Robert J. Willis. Working Paper 28701 DOI 10.3386/w28701. Issue Date April 2021 – “This paper analyzes how computerization affected the labor market outcomes of older workers between 1984 and 2017. Using the computerization supplements of the Current Population Survey (CPS) we show that different occupations were computerized at different times, older workers tended to start using computers with a delay compared to younger workers, but computer use within occupations converged to the same levels across age groups eventually. That is, there was a temporary knowledge gap between younger and older workers in most occupations. We estimate how this knowledge gap affected older workers’ labor market outcomes using data from the CPS and the Health and Retirement Study. Our models control for occupation and time fixed effects and in some models; we also control for full occupation-time interactions and use middle aged (age 40-49) workers as the control group. We find strong and robust negative effects of the knowledge gap on wages, and a large, temporary increase in transitions from work to non-participation, consistent with a model of creative destruction in which the computerization of jobs made older workers’ skills obsolete in birth cohorts that experienced computerization relatively late in their careers. We find larger effects on females and on middle-skilled workers.”