Sunday, May 30, 2021

The strange theater of mask-wearing

A society and organisations are in decay, final or transitional, when common sense really becomes uncommon.

— G. K. Chesterton, who was born in 1874 nailed some of the madness performed at workplaces in 2021 AD

 In the great green room

There was a telephone
And a red balloon
And a picture of —
The cow jumping over the moon.

That, of course, is Goodnight Moon (1947), the top-selling children’s books of all time. (Source: The Writer’s Almanac)

The strange theater of mask-wearing

Curated by The Luupe, this is “a collection of photographs and words celebrating the complexities of motherhood”. And somehow even 100 photographs don’t adequately capture the vast experience of motherhood around the world. Photos above by Dee WilliamsBrittany MarcouxDiane Allford (via storythings)

Brown Ford Nailed at auction $355k

Sorry for the very cringe post but I just have to get this on the record. I will never kill myself and it is extremely unlikely that I will have an "accident". Hearing some people might not be too happy with the work we're doing.

“Behind fairly impressive fortunes lie many, many dumb little annoying crimes perpetrated by dumb little annoying people,” Shanks describes in the video

YouTube comedian Friendlyjordies sued for defamation by NSW deputy premier John Barilaro The state Nationals leader is also suing Google for not removing two YouTube videos posted by the comedian whose real name is Jordan Shanks

What keeps dictators in power is an absence of room in the mainstream media for disparate views. This necessitates niche approaches, such as vloggers, who gather support from audiences whose voices aren’t heard and whose stories aren’t told, by the mainstream media.

Back at home, Youtuber Jordan Shanks, aka Friendlyjordies, is filling that niche. On September 14, he posted a 26-minute video that alternated between mocking NSW deputy premier John Barilaro, and exposing a well-researched commentary on the corruption that Barilaro has embraced. The research was comprehensive, with sources provided.

At the time of writing this, the video had amassed 351,000 views in four days. It made national news. But what, exactly, made the news? The detailed exploration of the John Barilaro’s alleged corruption? His alleged misuse of taxpayers’ money for personal gain? His failure to declare a property that netted $160,000 per year in profits?

Holding comedians to account: Nine and News miss John Barilaro, hit Friendlyjordies instead

The World’s Greatest Card Trick Can’t Be Taught

Jason Kottke   May 25, 2021

World-renowned magician David Berglas, now 94 years old, does a card trick that’s so effortlessly simple and dazzling that no one has figured it out and Berglas himself says it cannot be taught.

The trick is a version of a classic plot of magic, called Any Card at Any Number. These tricks are called ACAAN in the business.

ACAAN has been around since the 1700s, and every iteration unfolds in roughly the same way: A spectator is asked to name any card in a deck — let’s say the nine of clubs. Another is asked to name any number between one and 52 — let’s say 31.

The cards are dealt face up, one by one. The 31st card revealed is, of course, the nine of clubs. Cue the gasps.

Witness the response last week when the Centers for Disease Control announced that there’s no need for fully vaccinated individuals to wear masks, other than in a handful of circumstances (e.g. on planes and public transport, where frankly there’s no scientific justification for the vaccinated to mask up, either). Twitter exploded in outrage. How dare you allow us to go shopping without snot continuously drooling from our noses that we can’t even wipe away! We love running and cycling in a state of oxygen deprivation! Are you seriously proposing we go back to interacting with fellow human beings as if they’re anything other than repulsive bipedal pustules that weep disease?

Where Poets Are Being Killed and Jailed After a Military Coup NYT

China’s Communist Christ, and more along those lines.