Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Post Budget night: How to Perform a Social Media Autopsy

Most of the bloggers know it’s more “blessed to give than receive, but beware of too much of multi tasking ....

“Multitasking” Is A Lie

The American Psychological Association has reported that even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40% in productivity. Why is the cost of multitasking so high? Because our brains were never meant to multitask in the first place. – Fast Company

NSW Parliament: A restructure within the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) will see 77 jobs cut including nearly half of all ministerial driver positions, according to the Public Service Association.

Budget Papers 2021-22

Federal Budget 2021 Winners and Losers: Who gains the most from surprise cash splash


ABC on winners

The Treasury portfolio, which has been expanding its remit into consumer data policy and regulation and small business, will see a healthy staff increase of 736, with the Bureau of Statistics, the Tax Office and the department itself enjoying substantial staff increases.


Opinion: Russia’s plot to control the Internet is no longer a secret WaPo. David Ignatius. Of course.


Blinken heads to Ukraine in show of support after Russia troop standoff Reuters