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Mothers Day - CIA The Premonition

Coogee RefFill New to south Coogee, located on Dudley St is a small little cafe with a good vibe to it. It is 100% plant based, which means it’s focus is entirely based on foods derived from plants, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and no animal products.

Maria Imrichova née Pekarčikova

Why did I leave ...

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A list of the 100 best sitcoms of all time. Very subjective Rolling Stone ...    

Tech Republic - How to access information offline anywhere on the globe with these apps – “The rise of remote work means more people will travel to places that may not always provide reliable internet access. Modern office apps, such as Google Workspace, can store email and documentsoffline, then sync new and changed content when you reconnect. However, you might be surprised just how much information can be stored and accessed offline on a smartphone. Wikipedia, maps, translation and weather information can all be downloaded to your device for your reference, regardless of your ability to connect to the internet. Additionally, the apps identified below will work anywhere in the world. That can be immensely useful not only for traveling professionals, but also for students…”

LifeHacker - A Beginner’s Guide to Propagating Plants  – “When you’re starting out with a garden, buying enough plants to cover the ground can seem really expensive. Instead, do what the pros do: Cut and plant stems and leaves, divide roots, and use ground layering to grow more of the plants you already have. Aside from the money and trips to the greenhouse you’ll save, propagating plants that are already successful in your garden—or on your windowsill—just makes sense. You know these plants grow in your particular mixture of sun, shade, and soil, so why not give them a few other spots to do the same? All three of these techniques are simple and effective—when used on the right plant. Before you start clipping stems and digging up roots, Google propagation methods for the plant you’re working with to see which technique will work best…”

Courtesy of Geodienst, this is a map of the world’s lighthouses. Where the data is available (and you can see it’s quite sparse for some areas of the world), the map shows the location, color, range, and flashing frequency/pattern of each lighthouse. The color and flashing pattern of a lighthouse is called the characteristic. Each lighthouse has a different characteristic so that mariners can tell them apart and to indicate different water areas. 

Czech out petrol ⛽️ aka gas stations from the following sources: Get Pumped: 8 Filling Stations Fueled By Great DesignIt’s a Gas!: The Allure of the Gas StationGas Station Design — The World’s 10 Best Filling Stations for 2017It’s Weird, But We’re Super Inspired by Gas Station Design, and Sometimes, Gas Stations Are Beautiful. May these buildings and their less attractive brethren soon fade into obsolescence, be converted to electric car/bike charging stations, or be repurposed for other things.

Zhe ‘Shelly’ Wang: Who is Bill Gates’ interpreter? She also works for Yale and Harvard.

Actual quotes from this new CIA recruitment ad: "I am a woman of color" "I am a cisgender millennial" "I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder" "I am intersectional" I think it's safe to say the contemporary American left has failed.

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Should the CIA be putting out “Woke” ads?

I am fine with the idea, for reasons I outlined in my latest Bloomberg column:

If you wanted to dilute wokeness, and limit its appeal to young radicals, what could be better than a CIA endorsement? I, for one, would like to make wokeness decidedly uncool — and if this video can recruit some new talent to the CIA at the same time, what’s not to like?

(humans in cia and women in intel ) 

If you are a passionate young person, deeply concerned with social justice, you will be looking for causes rejected by the Establishment and embraced by a cool, in-the-know vanguard. Think of Marlon Brando’s line in “The Wild One,” when he is asked what he is rebelling against: “Whadda you got?”

The CIA, which just recently rebranded itself, just went a long way toward making wokeness feel ordinary and anodyne. Wokeness isn’t going to disappear, so the sooner wokeness becomes like the Unitarian Church — broadly admired but commanding only a modicum of passion and commitment — the better.

For similar reasons, those skeptical of wokeness should not be overly worried about so many American businesses embracing the concept, at least rhetorically. Some left-wing radicals might even consider the notion of woke and  inclusive CIA assassins to be sinister, just as they fear that international conglomerates will neuter wokeness by embracing it.

Have you ever been walking through a department store and heard the Muzak version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”? Do you know the line: “Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can”? Maybe hearing the accompanying melody, perhaps while browsing the men’s wear section, made you think that Karl Marx had taken over the world. Or maybe — if you’re like me — your reaction was that John Lennon had found his place in history, and that both capitalism and conservatism were more robust than he had imagined.