Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Wealth Hoarders: How Billionaires Pay Millions To Hide Trillions

 Letting your mind play is the best way to solve problems.

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Bill Watterson

Cartoonist Bill Watterson is the creator of "Calvin & Hobbes," the popular comic strip about a six-year-old boy and a tiger who do nothing but play. So it’s no surprise he sees that freedom as an important element of creativity. “I’ve been amazed at how one idea leads to others if I allow my mind to play and wander,” he said in a 1990 commencement speech at Kenyon College. Indulging your curiosity and childlike sense of wonder can open up creative paths that lead to surprising solutions. Next time you find you’ve hit a wall, try approaching the problem as a six-year-old might: with imagination, no pressure, and lots of flexibility.

New crypto journal.

Ferraris and shoeboxes of cash: ICAC unearths ‘rigged’ government contracts

The New York Times – Where Should You Buy Your Books? “Bookstore or Amazon? Curbside pickup or delivery? We answer common questions readers might have.  The last year has seen expanded options for buying books online, as more bookstores have developed websites, and e-commerce sites like Bookshop.org gain traction. But massive retailers like Amazon continue to dominate the bookselling business, and readers may be torn between the desire to support local bookstores and the convenience and price of online delivery giants. Here, booksellers and literary agents offer advice on how to evaluate your book buying options…”

Jared Holst: Getting Kinky for the Sake of Data

Apple is now promising to give users more control over who gets their data. But will they make it more seductive to give it away?

Magnus Carlsen’s Remarkable Memory

Watch as David Howell sets up several historical chess positions and quizzes world champion Magnus Carlsen on them. Spoiler alert: he knows them all. The one he gets in just four moves after opening is just…otherworldly.

Carlsen is one of a number of world class performers that have prodigious memory skills. See also LeBron James Has a Photographic MemoryXavi Fernandez identifying goals he scored (and the final scores of those matches), Aaron Rodgers’ memory of his significant plays, and Iker Casillas remembers the score of every match he’s played. (via robin sloan)

Complete Guide to eCommerce Website Testing for a Better Website Experience

Chuck Collins (Institute for Policy Studies), The Wealth Hoarders: How Billionaires Pay Millions to Hide Trillions (2021):

Wealth Horders 3For decades, a secret army of tax attorneys, accountants and wealth managers has been developing into the shadowy Wealth Defense Industry. These “agents of inequality” are paid millions to hide trillions for the richest 0.01%.

In this book, inequality expert Chuck Collins interviews the leading players and gives a unique insider account of how this industry is doing everything it can to create and entrench hereditary dynasties of wealth and power. He exposes the inner workings of these “agents of inequality,” showing how they deploy anonymous shell companies, family offices, offshore accounts, opaque trusts, and sham transactions to ensure the world’s richest pay next to no tax. He ends by outlining a robust set of policies that democratic nations can implement to shut down the Wealth Defense Industry for good.

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