Sunday, May 16, 2021

Fear My Book? Ban My Book?

 Why does COVID make people so sick, so quickly? Israeli geneticist has an answer Times of Israel 

 How to write a book, circa 2021.

The Czech Republic-born photographer tells us the stories behind her new solo exhibition at Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

In Marie Tomanova’s New York, anyone can be your friend

Paulina Porizkova is proud to show off her fabulous photoshop-free self at 56 years of age.

Last month the supermodel took to Instagram to post a pic of herself on the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia, writing: “Exactly 40 years after my very first (German) Vogue cover at the age of sixteen, here is a new one.

“Full frontal nude, at 56, on Vogue CZ.”

Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova, 56, wows with VERY revealing Vogue fashion shoot

The Point Of The Point Magazine

“As we see it, one of the goals of the magazine is to help our readers remain open to the possibility that facets of everyday life and culture they might be inclined to trivialize or look down upon may have something to teach us. This doesn’t mean we don’t allow criticism, of course; criticism is part of taking something seriously.” – LitHub

Fear My Book? Ban My Book?

“Those who seek to ban my book and others like it are trying to exploit fear — fear about the realities that books like mine expose, fear about desire and sex and love — and distort it into something ugly, in an attempt to wish away queer experiences.” – The New York Times

Setting Of James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ Is Being Turned Into A Hostel, Sending Literary Folk Into A Tizzy

The unassuming 18th-century townhouse at 15 Usher’s Island is where Joyce’s great-aunts ran a music school, and their annual Epiphany dinner was the model for the gathering in the final story of Dubliners. Two Irish investors who bought the house for €650,000 (cheap by current Dublin standards) have gotten permits to convert the four-story building into a 56-bed tourist hostel — and outraged writers from Edna O’Brien and John Banville in Ireland to Rachel Kushner and Salman Rushdie abroad have signed an angry petition put together by Colm Tóibín. – The New York Times